About House Bill HR-827

Text of HR-3750 - 1994 -- Text of HR-1647 - 1995-96 -- Text of HR-827 - 1997-98

After Proposition One won at the polls in 1993, Eleanor Holmes Norton became quite friendly. The initiative, however, demanded she introduce a Constituional Amendment (the theory being that it's a lot harder for unscrupulous politicians to rewrite the Constitution than to rewrite ordinary legislation). Ms. Norton was adamantly opposed to arguing about Constitutional Amendments in an already-hostile Congress. As you may have heard, one of the first acts of the new Republican Congress in 1995 was to disenfranchise Ms. Norton. The Republicans' Contract on America (and particularly on Washington DC) kept her distracted and unresponsive to phone calls the first few months of 1995. Finally, in May, 1995, the bill was re-introduced as HR-1647. And in February, 1997, it was again introduced as HR-827. This number will apply throughout the 105th Congress (1997-98).

Your help in lobbying Congress to co-sponsor the bill is urgently needed.