Scene 2

(LUTHER and JAKE get into screaming match over alcohol, JONAH tells them to "SHADDAP!", LUTHER accuses FEY of territoriality.)

FEY: "TERRITORIAL? Is THAT what you think? Oh-h-h-h, have I got a surprise for you. You want the territory? It's yours. You want these signs? Take them."

(She knocks the signs over one by one, with particular fervor "LOVE: the SANE CHOICE." JONAH packs up his papers.)

JONAH: "Come on."

FEY: (Grabs her backpack.) "My sentiments exactly."

(They EXIT, JONAH leading. Other characters stunned, suitable comments.)

(Spotlight rises on REPORTER at typewriter.)

REPORTER: "I report this only for the sake of history. "This is a story about Romeo and Juliet, but it didn't happen on stage; it happened in the wings ... in the park. "It is the story of two people, a married couple, who were pushed to the breaking point by circumstances beyond their control; and in a moment of abject frustration they decided that they could say more to the world by dying than by suffering the onslaught of (as they see it) fools. "I was sitting in the Home News office on Capitol Hill when the phone rang: It was Fey calling and she sounded as if she had been crying."

(Second spotlight rises on FEY sitting with phone in hand, under WORK FOR PEACE banner spread out in SITA's apartment. In a corner JONAH is at table sorting through legal papers.)

FEY: "Wrong!"

REPORTER: (Picks up phone, swivels around in chair; chuckles.) "Now tell me you didn't cry."

FEY: "That's my business. And this is pure fabrication." (Reads.) "'Well, Fey couldn't take it anymore: she bolted from the park in tears....' WRONG! '...and Jonah, who feels guilty if he spends even one moment not thinking about world peace and anti-nukes, followed her out of the Park.' "Wrong AGAIN!"

REPORTER: "Great, you just gave me this week's story. Juliet denies crying."

FEY: "That's no story, and you know it. Yellow journalism doesn't suit you. You want stories, write the truth."

REPORTER: "All right. How DID you feel when you and Jonah decided to terminal fast?"

FEY: "Like a jagged walnut had just settled into my pancreas. When I slept I saw my children crying."

(Body slumps in remembered pain.)

REPORTER: "And you didn't cry? C'mon...." (Fey scowls.) "So how did you feel when you decided not to fast?"

FEY: (Straightens into lotus position.) "Relieved. Reborn. Renewed. Ready." (As she sings, Lafayette Park backdrop appears.)

"There's a radical awakening
with dirty fingernails and rumpled hair.
No time for vanity.
I'm not afraid. Not I,
not while the moon can ride a sky
of salmon pink or green.
I thrust upstream
to lay the seed of sanity,
content to die
rather than live a lie
or leave my bit of truth untold."

(Turns to audience, points as (crying?) children appear one after another on screen behind.)

"And you, my children --
rapt upon a picture tube
and trapped within old lies --
open your eyes.
Imagine moons unseen
and empty streams where salmons spawn no more --
the only life
the tides unswum,
bitter, clean,
and cold."

(Intense visuals of nuclear winter, fading OUT.)

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