Born: April l8, l930; Albuquerque, N.M.

Education: B.S. & M.S. in Physics, Univ. New Mexico (l958 & l960)
Ph.D. in Astrogeophysics, Univ. Colorado, Boulder (l964)

Published more than 20 solar papers (l963-l985) Department of Astronomy & Institute of Geophysics, UCLA (l964-65)

Sacramento Peak Observatory (Solar) Sunspot, N.M. (l965-70)

NASA-GoddardSFC(AlbqNM) Solar Max.Mission(SMM)Satellite (l970-77)

Taught Univ.N.M.: physics, astronomy, environmental science (l970-77)

Southwest Research & Information Center (Envrnmntl Activists) (l970-80)

Actively and effectively criticized (hearings and public groups) 4-Corners Coal Plants (l970-76); BFNGS (Okla) (l977); testified on U.S. water quality criteria, breeder reactor programs, nuclear reactor clusters, retrievable radwaste program, New Mexico energy plan (l970-77)

"Determinism, A Simplifying Perspective" (l974-76) Radwaste transport accidents and releases study (l976-78) Fired by N.A.S.A. and kicked out of UNM Physics Department for effective (l972-80) criticism of U.S. radwaste disposal plans for New Mexico (WIPP) (l977)

Employed by government of Lower Saxony (West Germany) to critique federal plans to bury German radwastes in Gorleben saltdome (l978-79)

Devastating critique of U.S. NRC failures to enforce crucial safety regulations at 3-Mile Island that would have prevented disaster; pro-nuke editors of Science refused to publish same (l979-80)

Rejoined NASA-SMM science team in Boulder: flare research (l980-84) Quit "working" (contributing to U.S. national violence) when USS New Jersey shelled Beirut, and started active work on avoiding impending nuclear holocaust in l984; began giving away all of my property/ possessions (l984)

Found Antinuclear Vigil during South African Embassy and White House protests (April l985)

Gave away last major possession (car) (November, l985) Returned for one month to join Vigil (December l985) Returned permanently (Easter l986)

U.S. must stop using and supporting war in international relations in order to avoid a holocaust. The U.S. and Russia could propose this to the world.

Charles Hyder, September, 1986