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January 5, 1998
Prisons for Profit: Private Prisons

Prisons: America's Newest Growth Industry

Controlling Public Protest

CCA, Angry Relatives at Ohio Jail

New Generation Jails

Prisons:The Social Function

Turning schools into prisons in Dallas

Working For Nothing

US. Prisoner Population Rose Almost 6% Last Year

Virginia enters world of Privately Run Prisons

House Subcommittee on Crime

U.S. Slowly Drifting Toward a Police State

Rodney King:
Spotlight on Police Brutality

Congressional Hearings, Wackenhut

Locking Up Good Value

Wackenhut Corporation

Making it Easier to Commit The Mentally Ill

American Correctional Association

Dear Judge...

1.6 Mill in Prison, Up 100,000 Since Last Yr , Aug. 1996

Prisons Punish Inmates Because of "Negative" News Stories

The Cold War of the '90's

Privatization of Prisons

Getting the Treatment

Inmates to be required to enter rehab programs

Prison Mistreatment

Contractors Strike it Rich

Control Units: Shut them Down!

Prison Labor: Workin' For The Man

Allen-Gilmore Prison Policy: Slave Labor

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