Excerpts From President Bush's News Conference
February 6, 1991

Mr. President, we have heard from your wife recently that you haven't been sleeping so well, and we've also heard that the drums outside are keeping you awake. My question is, if you could just share with us what kind of personal toll this war is taking on you as far as your routine, your needs your emotions?

Look, my wife--normally I stick by everything she says, but I'm sleeping very well. The drums have ceased oddly enough. And there was a slight hyperbole there because the drums could only be heard from one side of the White House. However, when they got up over the 60-decibel count limit, a protest was raised by a hotel over here because they were on the wrong side and they heard the drums. And lo, people went forth with decibel count auditors--and they found the man got up to--this drummer, incessant drummers, got over 60, and they were moved out of there, and I hope they stay out of there because I don't want the people in the hotel to not have a good night's sieep. I am sleeping quite well as a matter of fact. And I say this not frivolously because you asked a more serious question, and I can't tell you that I don't worry a lot about our families of the troops.

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