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December 5, 1988

Dear Friends,

This is my notice to you of a most significant event for the inauguration of George Bush's third term (Friday, January 20): a COUNTER-INAUGURATION. The Washington Peace Center has initiated an all-out campaign for consolidated action by inviting area peace and justice groups to a meeting.

Fifty-five people, representing 29 groups, appeared Tuesday, November 29 -- a model of creative cooperation. Double or triple that number may well come to the next planning session this Tuesday, December 6 (7:00 p.m.). Your input is especially needed (or that of your delegate)

Several possible themes were distilled from the discussion. One favored suggestion was the connection between global poverty and military spending. A committee met Friday to try to distill the themes still further, seeking a universally recognizable symbol.

Dozens of actions were proposed, among them street theater; a motorcade; a candlelight soup kitchen outside Union Station during the January 19 banquet inside ("1,000 points of light"); a mock coronation; leafletting/ postering/banners; inaugural route ac~ions; post-inauguration educational workshop; civil disobedience....

So many folks have plans for actions during inaugural week that a committee was formed to compile a program of such events to ensure maximum visibility to all. Would you please call Paul (882-2368, nights) or the Washington Peace Center (234-2000, days), and let them know if you're planning an action, or if someone else is?

Your ideas and help are NEEDED at the next meeting: December 6, at 7:00 p.m. at the Washington Peace Center, 2111 Florida Avenue NW (Quaker Meeting House). PLEASE come!

Your friendly volunteer rabblerouser,
Ellen Thomas

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