New York Times, December 19, 1982


March 31, 1916: Born in El Paso, Texas, the son of Jesse and Margott Mayer.

Dec. 8, 1982: Killed by U.S. Park Police after threatening to blow up the Washington Monument. (photo: Washington Monument)

(photo: Norman Mayer growing up in Denver in the 1920's)

1923: Moves to New Orleans, where he and brother Aubrey are placed in Jewish Children's Home. Attends Delgado Trade School and trains as tool and die maker.

1930's: Leaves home to travel. Over the next few years, works at a rubber company in Denver, gold mines in Searchlight, Nev. and Nome, Alaska, and various other jobs from Los Angeles to the Caribbean.

(photo: 1939: In 1939, Mayer was working in a gold mine in Searchlight, Nev.)

1944: Drafted into the Navy while living in Los Angeles. Stationed for two years at the San Diego Naval Station and discharged as a fireman first class. (photo: In 1945, Mayer served in Navy as fireman first class.)

1946-1952: In Los Angeles

Mid'50's: In Miami, where he works as a machinist. By 1959, in Puerto Rico, working at the Hotel Delicias as a maintenance man.

1962-1968: In the Virgin Islands. Works at the Yacht Haven Hotel in St. Thomas.

1968-1969: In Jamaica. Works at the Jamaica Hilton Hotel

1969-1970: Works for two U.S. companies in South Vietnam as a helicopter maintenance man.

1971: Takes job on oil rig in Brunei and is seriously injured in an accident.

1972: Recuperates in Singapore. Travels across Asia and India and by April is in the Seychelles Islands where he lives in a hut on the beach until his money runs out three years later.

1975: Returns to Asia and renews U.S. Passport in Singapore

1976: April, 1976, arrested in Hong Kong for possession of 44 pounds of marijuana. Imprisoned for 15 months. Conviction overturned in 1978.

1978: April; deported from Hong Kong. Visits brother Aubrey in Los Angeles and then comes to Washington for six months.

(photo: Continental Hotel, where Mayer worked as maintenance man)

1978-1982: November 1978-Febrary 1982. In Miami. Works and lives at the Continental Hotel until new owners fire him in late 1981. Works at another hotel until Feb.28, 1982, when he's laid off.

April 11, 1982: Fired from a job at Versailles Hotel, Miami Beach; heads north shortly thereafter.

May 27, 1982: Attempts to buy dynamite in Hazard, Ky.

June 7, 1982: Arrives in Washington and takes a room at the Downtown Motel on New York Avenue, where he stays off and on.

(photo: Mayer talking to someone in front of White House)

Dec. 8, 1982: Killed by U.S. Park Police after threatening to blow up the Washington Monument. (photo: Washington Monument)

Dec. 17, 1982: Ashes interred in Arlington National Cemetary.

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