Hunger Strike

In view of the fact that hunger strikes have recently proven a successful method of convincing the soviet union's bureaucracy to allow emigration of those who wish to live elsewhere, on June 21, 1982, i began a hunger strike with the primary aim of convincing the united states bureaucracy to allow me to emigrate freely.

It should be noted that I am in this country against my will, having been forced to enter its borders by american police.

Not being a united states citizen, i am not entitled to a united states passport. Being a moral person i would have no alternative but to refuse such a document...drawing, as it does, its power, and privilege from might not Right...were it offered.

Since June 3, 1981 i have peacefully sat in front of the white house in an effort to petition the government of this country to redress their illegal action in having brought me into this country. Previously the first amendment of the united states constitution guaranteed on individual's Right to follow this course of action. Lately, however, a bureaucrat passed a regulation depriving individuals of this Right, and impelling me to stop eating.

Should the united states come to its senses, it will be realized that its pretensions to freedom, justice, and equality are nothing more than an economic sham. Should the united states fail to come to its senses, and plunge the earth into a nuclear holocaust to protect this economic sham, it will be damned.

May the Creator have mercy on your soul.


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