Dr. Galdos
San Sebastion, Spain

Dr Ignacio Galdos
Hermani, 4
San Sebastian

Mrs. Concepcion Martin Garcia de Picciotto.

She came to my medical office on the 20th day of this month with an affective problem concerning a child who is presently 20 months old and caused by a problem of matrimonial instability. Her husband had her admitted "into a clinic" to submit her to a psychiatric treatment, without apparent cause and under her protest.

I checked her in my office, her reasoning is perfect, all of her manifestations are normally perfect. She told me that they wanted her to believe that she was suffering a psychopathy for a purpose that we assume but we can not affirm. She has told us that she tried to talk to the doctor and that the same never paid attention to her stating that he had no time. A hearing took place for the purpose of transferring her to another institution. The doctor d\falsely stated that she was incoherent in her speech.

Upon examination, the patient shows evidence on her lower extremities of having been injected with relaxing and inhibitioning drugs. She stated that when she woke up in the clinic, she was stunned and with a sensation of numbness in the brain. She states that with the help of persons of high moral conduct, she was able to come to Spain leaving in New York, U.S.A. her husband and the child.

The clinical and radiological examination was normal. A blood test shows a discreet Leucocitosia which is normal after the organic exhaustion she suffered. The E.K.G. show in position D-1 a ventricular oxtrasystole, the rest is normal.

She shows a hearing impairment on the right side due to a post traumatic rupture of the ear-drum.


Can eat any food, eat slow and chew the food well. Eat always at the same time and rest before each meal.


Must sleep eight to nine hours in bed and one hour after lunch. Should keep the daily schedule of work, pleasures, etc. Should avoid getting too tired and to talk of personal problem for which you should obtain advice.


Take before breakfast and lunch one ampule of Actilovol G dissolved in water and sugar.

After breakfast and meals one tablet of Docomyme forto with water.

A daily injection of one ampule of Farnidasa, a total of two boxes of 5 ampules each.

In case of acidity, take from one to two tablets of Dorbantyl after meals, with water or tea.

If you have insomnia take one tablet of Orfidal with water shortly before bed time.

If you are in Spain you can call if you have any questions. Check you weight monthly.

The corrections shown were made by me.

Signed: I. Galdos
March 24, 1975
I certify that the above is an exact translation to the best of my knowledge and belief of the document in Spanish attached to this translation.

Maria Espontela
Legal Translator
Spanish American Translation Bureau

State of New York
County of New York

Subscribed and sworn to before me,
this 11th day of May, A.D. 1976.
Fernando E Alvarez
Notary Public, State of New York
No. 41-5068425
Commission Expires March 30, 1975

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