Letter concerning Concepcion

United Nations Organization
for Education, Science and Culture

P.Tirso de Molina, No.8 - MADRID - 12 Te. 227 05 57

Honorable Ambassador of the United States in Madrid
c/ Serrano, 73

Your Excellency:

A U.S. citizen, CONCEPCION MARTIN DE PICCIOTTO, born in Santiago de Comnpostela and nationalized in the United States, with residence in Madrid at Calle Jardines, 11, Apt.l, and post office address in Washington, D.C., Box 4931, Washington, D.C. 20008,denounces the case which we report below:

Her husband, an Italian, nationalized in the United States, presents her as a psychopath, subjecting her to torture, in collaboration with doctors and lawyers employed by him, such as Mr. Ralph Levine, (of) 26 Court Street, 7th floor. in Brooklyn, N.Y.

On April 26, 1965 she lost her rights over her daughter and belongings by decision of the Court in Manhattan.

From that date on she has received nei ther legal nor humanitarian support in her country, being continually under the influence and appression of her husband and (his) friends, subject to permanent violation of her human and civil rights.

Dr. Ignacio Galdos, residing at Hernani 4, San Sebastian, confirms in his letter of March 24, 1975, the psychic health of the party concerned.

We ask that you give consideration to the case denounced here, working to see that this person receive the legal help needed to clear up her case.

We hope that in a country like your own, which takes pride in its defense of Human Rights, such defense may not prove to be merely a question of words and public appearances.

Madrid, July 24, 1978
Secretary General of the CAUM
Eduardo Salvador Navas Gutierrez
(accompanied by signature and
seal of the organization)

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