This experiment in democracy begins from subscription by the participants to the principles stated in the Declaration of Reason. The instant objective is to structure a mechanism through which the most efficient utilization of energy and resources can be realized, thus achieving the greatest possible benefit for the largest possible number.

The present configuration is formative. The structure of this Convention, as well as the ultimate success or failure of the mechanism, will be determined by the ideas and participation of the populace.

Efficient utilization of this medium depends upon understanding its structure and functions.:

Presently the mechanism is comprised of a RESOURCE LIBRARY.

Whereas an informed electorate is prerequisite to democracy, the RESOURCE LIBRARY is intended to inform the body politic.

Under development is the FORUM section, wherein society determines the most efficient expenditure of the knowledge and resources at its disposal. The forum will generate as many sub-forums -- similar to the committees and sub-committees of the present legislative system -- as are necessary to address the needs of society.


Again, this is a formative development stage. Patience, cooperation and suggestions from participants regarding the perfection of mail routing systems, information acquisition and dissemination, or anything else is encouraged.

The internet offers an amazing opportunity to greater communication. This situation may provide an opportunity to experience the enjoyment of working together to devise solutions to the problems which confront us all. Of course, that may only happen if you help make it happen. PLEASE SEND ALL SUGGESTIONS, CORRECTIONS, and CRITICISM to further letter perfect understanding.

In service to peace through understanding, present site node.