The Caravan/March For Social Justice hopes to build upon the efforts of all progressive and community--based movements that recognize the *value* of operational unity, -- towards a National Independent Force-- capable of not only mounting a *real* challenge to the status quo, but also able to sustain itself as a vehicle for fundamental social, political and structural change. Although this effort is primarily organized of, by, and for Indigenous and People of Color, we do realize the issues presented here overlap the work of hundreds and perhaps thousands of organizations. The steps we've taken to include the many endorsers in this struggle for freedom,demonstrates that national cohesion is absolutely necessary to make this effort an organizational success.

On October 29--1997, we will converge on Wall Street to make our purpose know and to facilitate the demise of the social pyramid of the corporate dominated political parties, their bipartisan policies of repression, and hold accountable the false prophets of Wall Street, corporations, state and federal legislatures and orchestrators of the "Contract On America."

The corporations, CEO's, false prophets and traders of the stock market, politicians and developers in general need to pay attention to these issues that imperil the lives of so many. Those mosssst affected by the "Contract On America" are nativee people. The economic mobility and affluence of the U.S. wouldn't even exist if it weren't for the original inhabitants of this land. The U.S. must get over the attitude that there's been enough welfare extended to naative people because there are treaties that were faithfully entered into between our nations. Treaties that have not been honored by the people of the U.S., the corporations that are getting rich through the exploitation of their lands, and the government as well. Native people are human beings that everyone in the U.S. haave been living off and its about time this country and its people started realizing that fact and start treating them with respect. How easily people forget. The first welfare system in this country was created by their people out of love and compassion for the many starving nations that didn't know how to survive here. Today it's remembered as Thanksgiving Day.

When people say no more Big Mountains, no more Sweetgrass hills, no more hydroelectric plants that flood native homelands. When people say no more love canals, no more times beaches, and no more Maquiladora zones, no matter how many suffer, It's point blank obvious that these cries fall on deaf ears. Corrupted corporate and legislative double-speakers continue to ignore our issues, and destroy whole eco-systems that now imperil the health and lives of tens of millions the world over. Most are women and children.

Women of color are often out front providing dynamic leadership to deal with these issues. They've taken on this fight to save their children, families, and communities. Many haaave become ill in this struggle--victims of exposure-- and can no longer bear children. The pain and agony of not being able to bear children because of ones destructive atmosphere environment is torture beyond reason. These pollutors should be held accountable under crimes against humanity and charged with Environmentally induced sterilization and murder. In communities across the naation and across the world for that matter there's plenty of evidence that women are forced by necessity to stand up with their children just to be heard. It's often the case that the men in their lives are no where to be found, are absent from the home, or are to busy in the work-a-day world to drop what they're doing long enough to realize the very real problems of gender, economic, environmental, and social imbalance and impact being felt by our mothers, wives, and children. Where have all the warriors gone! Indeed its a shame when innocent women and children have to lay their bodies on the line in this fight for justice..

It's a known fact that Women and children of color account for three-fourths of all environmentally induced illnesses and are at great risk of having miscarriages, giving birth to limbless children, and other organ disorders. Many along the two-thousand mile Maquiladora zone-- along the US/Mexican border have given birth to children with no brains or with their spinal columns detached. That's deplorable, how can we accept this. Many of us use those items that are being produced or we know people who do. Is it any wonder why women and children are standing up in opposition.

Corporations like the Ford motor company, the Chrysler corporation, General Motors, and Mitsubishi to name a few. Sony, General Electric, IBM and many other corporations in the manufacturing industry operate with little or no oversight in Mexico and have been discharging waste water right into the creeks and streams. Waterways that many people rely on for drinking and cooking, and for their pets and livestock. Its been documented that people there are drinking and hauling water from spent chemical drums which litter the landscapes. The North American Free Trade Agreement between the U.S., Canada, and Mexico will compound the irreparable harm and catastrophic environmental damage being done to hundreds of communities across Mexico. The NAFTA agreement is nothing more than a environmentally destructive economics package for Mexico and the many false prophets here on Wall St. and abroad who stand to make billions at the expense of millions.

That's why we're going to Wall St., enough is enough already. African Americans, Native First nations, Latinos, and Asian--Pacific Islanders have too long endured the dangers of toxic and nuclear waste dumps, chemical plants, pulp and paper mills, military facilities, and landfills that have been deliverately sited in their neighborhoods. The consistently disproportionate amount of exposure to toxic pollution and other contaminants in these communities does not go unnoticed.

While environmental injustice has caused the deaths of scores of indigenous and people of color, we've yet to grasp the depth of these enormous problems. Social and gender-based racism account for a very large part of discrimination in housing, jobs, social programs, educational institutions, and even in the peace and environmental justice movements as well. This fight for economic and environmental justice in many communities is more than a fight for survival. It's a fight for our lives.

Most of the information in this packet covers native issues because of the blatent disregard of the Indigenous people by those who sit on capitol hill. Disregard for their concerns about Treaties and many other critical issues. We've witnessed and even participated in the many spiritual marches of the traditional people of this land that journeyed to Washington D.C. to air their grievances. Time and time again they've ended up giving testimony to not much more than a bunch of empty seats. This was the case for the more than three-thousand marhers and link marches on the Walk For Justice which was organized by AIM leader Dennis Banks.

After crossing over several mountain passes over the winter and spring, after more than a years notice, and after crossing more than three thousand miles on foot. The Indigenous people gave testimony to empty seaats at the Senate Russell building. This is the light that native people have found themselves in over the past five-hundred-years-plus of genocide and European occupation of their homelands. That's why the Caravan for Justice was organized. To send a clear message to the false prophets who dominate the economic, environmental, social, political and legislative agendas that we are human beings who care about our communities, our children and families, and our future. We must not, we cannot, and we will not tolerate this systematic oppression. No longer will we sit idle while our issues and every issue of economic, social, and environmental racism are overlooked.

Going to Wall St. is important to those of us that will assemble there. Not just becuse of the harm and injustices that are being comitted against our environment, communities, families, and nations. But also because we have an understanding of the great spiritual void and sense of hopelessness that people feel wherever they live as a result of all this harm that's being done.

It is our prayer and hope that those of us who are engaged in this effort will see our intrinsic part in this struggle as well as the fragile balance of our common Mother Earth that exists and find meaning in what's being presented. For the continued benefit of this great experiment we all know as everyday life. Equally important is the hoped for result (and chief purpose of the Caravan For Justice) that WE can rise to the occasion to create, live and experience a true and lasting solidarity movement that strives for global harmony and peace. A global vision that haas never been realized in our entire evolution thus far. Life itself depends upon how each of us see ourself fitting into the role of what may well be the grand finale of our existence as a living breathing species.

Many national and international organizations are committed to the overall strategic planning and outreach for the Caravan/March as it makes its way across the U.S. The number of people represented by each of them combined account for millions;millions of people who are no longer willing to tolerate the repressive agendas, policies, and failures of this political tyranny better known as the United States Government.

In honor of our Native American and First Nation sisters and brothers in the U.S., Canada and Mexico, We Will Stand Firm by our convictions. It is our absolute intention to make their issues both known and heard. The Governments of the United States of America, Canada and Mexico have continually violated the independent "First Nations" of this continent by executive action, legislative fiat, and judicial decision. Our focus is specifically aimed at the United States Government and their prophets of Wall Street who are known for their overall colonial power and influence. By its actions,the U.S. has denied "First Nation" people their international treaty rights, treaty lands and basic human rights of freedom, self determination, and sovereignty.

He(Uncle Sam) has established policies at the state and national level which deny "First Nation" peoples the guarantee's found within the many broken treaties. He has denied access to religious rights and sacred sites. All in an attempt to break their commitment to community and subjugate them to his laws.

He has maintained a standing militia against them and has sanctioned documented, violent assaults and systemic terror, despite their pleas to his Justice Department to intervene and/or investigate these blatant violations. Violations of human and civil rights made against the peace and dignity of the "First Nation" people.

He has divided their people that once lived in total communitarian harmony and encouraged the demise of their collective voice, by pitting chief against chief, brother against brother, and sister against sister.

He has allowed for the desecration and destruction of many of their sacred shrines. He has stolen the future from thousands of their unborn children through trickery and forced sterilization. He has mutilated, imprisoned, and orchestrated the murdersof many of their leaders and Wisdom Keepers. He has even allowed for the bones of their ancestors to be raped from their resting places.

This same U.S. government which fought to throw off the yoke of oppression and gain its own independence, has now reversed its role and become the cunning oppressor of sovereign people everywhere!

He has used "First Nation" peoples as human guinea pigs to develop the medicines which treat his servants. He has manipulated the health and well being of many of their people, and in some cases, has succeeded in shortening their life expectancies. He has even provided a framework whereby the DNA of their people can be industrialized and patented, again, for the profit and well being of his clever servants.

He has knowingly and willfully inflicted small pox upon tens of thousands of their young and innocent.Finally, he has laughed in their faces, wet from blood,sweat and tears; leaving them to the mercy of his greed-stricken servants.

WHEREAS: His humble servants, those anthropologists and archaeologists, congresspersons and corporations, doctors andlawyers, judges, senators, psychologists, sociologists,scientists, and even his National Council of Churches, have carried out his will under an iron veil. And they continue to cheat and patronize the "First Nation" peoples despite all their efforts at reconciliation.

THEREFORE, BE IT KNOWN from this day forward, the Caravan/March for Social Justice does hereby adopt the above statement in solidarity with "First Nation" peoples and endorses their Declaration of Continuing Independence, which is included in this packet.

Also included in this packet, you will find the concerns of many people from all walks of life and of all ages who are united in the search for peace, social, and environmental justice. You will find the wisdom of both men and women who believe our walk upon the earth is a ceremony. Each step we take is a prayer for her continued existence and healing. For many, the Caravan/March will be the beginning of a life-long commitment to the total ecological restoration of the one thing that truly connects us all, our Sacred Mother Earth.

Mitakuye Oyasin

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