We're African Americans, Native "First Nations", Latinos,and Asian Pacific Islanders, and all people who have long endured the dangers of toxic and nuclear waste dumps, chemical plants, pulp and paper mills, military facilities and landfills that have been deliberately sited in our neighborhoods. We are ordinary folks that suffer a consistently disproportionate amount of exposure to toxic pollution and contaminants. Out of necessity and survival, we are obligated to educate and stand with women, children and people of color in both rural and urban communities to lead the struggle for economic, social, and environmental justice!

When we first decided to bring the Caravan/March For Social Justice to the people of the United States, we knew there could be support from a broad range of citizen's and constituents that are in one way or another affected by the issues that are presented. After three years of organizing and constant outreach,we've come to the understanding that millions of people are indeed truly united in solidarity with one another. The solidarity we found has given great hope to the organizers of this momentous task. Many individuals, organizations, social/labor/political forces, universities, faculty, students and parents, have come forward and showed us that we are not alone in this struggle. A struggle certain to be won.

We offer our heartfelt thanks and appreciation to the following individuals and organizations who are a testament to the bravery and strength of this great nation. With this solidarity, we shall boldly forge ahead and recapture the principal which makes us who we are --Freedom!

The Rosebud, Yankton, Lower Brule, and Crow Creek Tribal Councils,
The White Buffalo Calf W Womens Society,
The Lakota Independence Movement,
The Rosebud Educational Society,
The Proposition One Committee,
The Leonard Peltier International Defense Committee,
The Edmunds Institute-WA,
New York State Green Party,
The Green Party of Canada,
The Greens/Green Party USA,
Green Peace,
The War Resistors League,
The Southwest Network for Economic and Environmental Justice,
The Shundahai Network,
Dakota American Indian Movement,
Delaware Valley AIM,
Native American Alliance Of Bucks County--Pennsylvania,
Participants and members of The LPDC/Seattle Washington,
On Native Land/Seattle,WA,
Raze The Walls/Seattle,
Earth First/Seattle,
Citizens Coalition to Stop Police Brutality/Seattle,
Real Change/Seattle,
The International Indian Treaty Council,
Native Americans Against Desecration,
The Amazonia Project,
The Direct Action Network,
The Green Justice Council,
Center For Campus Organizing,
The PartidoVerde Ecologista De Mexico,
Forest Action Network,
Citizen's Clearinghouse On Hazardous Waste,
Council For Native American Solidarity,
The National Committee On Independent Political Action,
California Peace And Freedom Party,
Campaign For A New Tomorrow,
Pittsburgh Alliance For Progressive Action,
Committees of Correspondence,
Common Agenda Coalition,
Community Organizing Center--Columbus, Ohio,
Conversion For Reclaiming Earth In The Americas,
Florida Coalition For Peace And Justice,
Freedom Road Socialist Organization --Boston, MA.,
Gay and Lesbian Resource Center-Ventura County, CA,
The Hundredth Monkey,
Hyde Park/Arragon Park Improvement Committee, Americus, GA,
The Pure Food Campaign,
Project South,
Socialist Party, USA,
Southern Organizing Committee for Economic and Social Justice,
Democratic Socialists of America--Pittsburgh, PA,
County (PA) Democratic Committee,
American Friends Service Committee,
Appalachian Community Fund,
Atlanta Greens,
Black Women Political Party,
Black Workers for Justice -- Rocky Mount, NC,
Campus Action --Albany, NY,
Center for Latin American Students - -U. of Pittsburgh,
Center for Voting and Democracy, Citizen Action --Pittsburgh,
Coalition to Counter Hate Groups --Pittsburgh, Columbus, O.
Free Press,
Cornerstones of Development --Pittsburgh,
Cross Current --Pittsburgh,
Dayton O. NCIPA,
Delaware Valley Communities of Correspondence,
Democratic-Socialist of America --Philadelphia,
Environmental Coalition of Nuclear Power,
Fellowship of Reconciliation --Louisville, KY,
Freedom Socialist Party,
Friends of Labor of the Workers Solidarity and Education Coalition --California,
Greens of Philadelphia,
Independent Political Action Network --Pittsburgh--Atlanta,
Jan. 22 Coalition for Reproductive Rights --Los Angeles, CA,
Jobs With Peace --Pittsburgh,
Just Harvest --Pittsburgh,
International Association of Machinists-Local 1976,
Labor Party Advocates --Pittsburgh, Queens NY, Stow O.,
March 19 Coalition --Albany, NY,
Miami Valley Unemployed Council --Dayton, O.,
National Greens Justice Council,
National Lawyers Guild,
National Organizations for Women --WV,
New Democracy Party --Houston, TX, New Jersey
Independents, New Party --IL, MT, and Queens NY,
Pennsylvania Environmental Network,
PA Green Party,
Philadelphia Revolutionary Socialist Group,
Pittsburgh City Paper,
Pittsburgh Cuba Coalition,
Pittsburgh Peace Institute,
Progressive Librarians Guild,
Queens Network for Justice and Peace,
Rainbow Coalition of Montgomery County --MD,
Rainbow Coalition of Western PA,
Sierra Club --Albany NY,
Social Justice Connections --Arlington WV,
Socialists Workers Party,
Southern Appalachian Labor School,
Squirrel Hill Natl. Organization for Women,
SSEU local 371 --NY,
Student Environmental Action Coalition,
Syracuse Greens Party,
Take it To the Hill --D.C. Area,
Telecommunications Policy Round Table --NE,
Three River Greens,
Thinking New Thoughts+,
Tonatierra --Phoenix AZ,
Trotskyist League,
Universal Health Care Action Network,
Unitarian Universalists for Just Economic Committee,
United Electrical, Radio and Machine Workers of America (UE),
United Mine Workers of America,
Vermont Progressive Coalition,
VA Greens,
VOTERS --Los Angeles CA,
Westchester Peoples Action Coalition (WESPAC),
Young Socialist Alliance.

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