March 15, 1996

Dear fellow abolitionists:

The next meeting of the U.S. Nuclear Abolition Network will be on Thursday, April 4 at the Nuclear Abolition Summit in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Please find enclosed: latest update on the Nuclear Abolition Summit, which promises to be a well-attended, exciting gathering of grassroots activists from across the U.S. and from abroad - IF YOU HAVEN'T REGISTERED YET, DO IT NOW!; letter from Corbyn Harney; statement from the organizing committee; CTB bell tolling project idea from Bruce Hall of the CTB Clearinghouse; action alert on subcritical testing; notice of international conference on nuclear abolition.

The February 3 meeting of the Network tasked the organizing committee (Howard Hallman , Sonya Ostrom, Clayton Ramey, Alice Slater, Ray Somerville, Grace Thorpe, Deborah Walden, Karina Wood) to hold a conference call with representatives from the Shundahai Network and Native Youth Alliance to hear in more detail the criticisms NYA raised about the Shundahai's organization of the Nuclear Abolition Summit and responses to these criticisms, and consequently decide whether to confirm the vote taken at the meeting in favor of holding our next Network meeting at the Summit.

However, as neither NYA or Shundahai Network could afford to partially finance a conference call, I asked both parties to submit their views on the Summit in writing, so I could circulate them to the organizing committee.

The Shundahai Network submitted a written statement which I distributed in the February 3 meeting minutes. Corbyn Harney of the Shundahai Network wrote a statement concerning his involvement in the Summit and his views on indigenous peoples' participation in the Summit. NYA did not submit a statement, but said they would write something and distribute it to the Network themselves. I talked to Nathan from NYA at length several times, and I attempted to solicit specific criticisms from him that we as a network should be aware of. But I have yet to receive anything in writing from NYA to pass on to you.

Clayton Ramey drafted a statement that reflects the·views of the organizing committee. We had no objections to the next Network meeting being held at the Nuclear Abolition Summit.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions. Hope to see you in Nevada!

Karina Wood,
Peace Action Education Fund
202 862 9740 ext. 3044
fax: 202 862 9762

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