Statement of the U.S. Nuclear Abolition Network Organizing
Committee Regarding Participation in the Upcoming
Nuclear Abolition Summit Meeting

The U.S. Nuclear Abolition Network is a broad national coalition of individuals and independent local, regional and national organizations within the United States who work for global nuclear disarmament. Our work is part of the ongoing nuclear abolition work of many international non-governmental organizations.

At the February 3, 1996 meeting of the U.S. Nuclear Abolition Network in Philadelphia, we were made aware of disagreements between the Native Youth Alliance and the Shundahai Network regarding issues of outreach, inclusivity and fundraising surrounding a national Nuclear Abolition Summit scheduled for April, 1996 in Las Vegas, Nevada. We were also informed that a number of organizations, including Native American groups, plan to attend this summit.

The organizing committee of the U.S. Nuclear Abolition Network affirms that we must include all individuals and groups willing to work for the goal of abolishing nuclear weapons. We also firmly believe that problematic working relationships between individual organizations can, and should, be addressed by direct communication between the concerned parties themselves, outside the framework of the business of the Nuclear Abolition Network itself.

We trust that any and all parties concerned with the upcoming summit meeting will work together to make the summit fully representative and successful. And we invite any and all likeminded individuals and organizations to actively participate in network meetings, and to join in actions organized by groups within the network.

But we emphasize that the network itself does not, and will not, seek to determine or coordinate teh policies or working relationships of independent organizations that are part of our group.

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