About the Author

(William) Thomas (Hellanback) is a figment in the Imagination of the Universal Life Force. Thomas is self educated. However, Thomas' education is of little consequence, because he doesn't claim to know anything.

Thomas defines "philosophy" as "the love of wisdom," and "wisdom" as "the most practical moral application of knowledge, resource and energy." He weighs "morality" and "practicality" on a scale with life as the fulcrum.

Thomas believes that freedom, justice, and equality are building blocks, and prays these values, founded on Truth, cemented by love, may finally begin constructing the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth.

"Did you have any choice in coming to this planet?" The ancient argument asks; concluding, "If you had no choice in coming here, how can you have free will?" The author doesn't claim to know whether free will actually exists, however, based on nothing more than his subjective assessment of physical reality, he has simply choosen to subscribe to the doctrine.

A subscription to the doctrine of free will carries with it a tendency for making judgments. Consistent with his belief in free will, whenever he is not wrestling with personal demons, the author tries to act responsibly. It is the author's opinion that, notwithstanding a relatively lengthy history, human civilization has failed to produce a truly kinder or gentler new world order; a failure which he ascribes to a bankrupt value system coupled with an irresponsible application of knowledge, resource and energy.


To the Universal Creator, in Whom wisdom begins, and to the beloved people who KNOW that even personal experience can be misinterpreted, and realize that BELIEF is only a shroud for ignorance.
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With special gratitude to the many who watched the signs, criticized the drafts, and helped make little miracles reality.