A-Z List of Overseas Speakers at 2001 World Conference Against A & H Bombs

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Maidan Abishev,
International Anti-nuclear Movement "Nevada-Semey"

Hasmy Agam,
Permanent Representative of Malaysia to the United Nations

Abacca Anjain-Maddison, Marshall Islands/Rongelap Atoll

M.A. Baby,

Tom Bailie,
Hanford Downwinder

Doug Brown,
Burlington Association for Nuclear Disarmament, Canada

Jacqueline Cabasso,
Western States Legal Foundation, California, USA

Romesh Chandra,
World Peace Council

Phyllis Creighton,
Science for Peace! Canadian Network to Abolish Nuclear Weapons

Stale Eskeland,
Oslo University, Norway

Corazon Fabros,
Nuclear-Free Philippines Coalition

Joseph Gerson,
American Friends Service Committee

Surjit Sen Gupta,
Center of Indian Trade Unions

Hanna Haborrow,
Pacific Concerns Resource Centre (PCRC)

Kwak Kwin Hoon,
Republic of Korea (Plaintiff Lawsuit Atomic Bomb Victims Abroad)

Michael Hovey,
NGO Committee on Disarmament (NY)

John M. Itty,
General Secretary, Christian Peace Conference - India

Milya Kabirova,
Chelyabinsk Nuclear Victim Organization "Aigul", Russia

Zhenisgul Konarova,
Public Fund - International Alliance of Women & Children "Samal-Samantha-Sadako" - Kazhakstan

Ole Kopreitan,
No to Nuclear Weapons, Norway

Jean Lambert,
Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, Member of the European Parliament (Green Party)

Sally Light,
Nevada Desert Experience

Jamil Majid,
Ambassador of Bangladesh to Japan

Kalpana Khan Mondal,
Science for Society, India

Ben Moore,
Ministry of Maori Development, NZ

Andrew Hama Mtetwa,
Ambassador of Zimbabwe to Japan

Tatiana Mukhamediarova,
The Nuclear Safety Movement, Chelyabinsk, Russia

Dennis Nelson,
Utah Downwinder of Nevada Test Site; Support and Education for Radiation Victims (report only; did not attend session)

Hon. Eldon Note,
Mayor, Bikini Atoll Local Government, Marshal Islands

Gerald O'Brien,
Peace Council of Aotearoa - New Zealand

Duy Thuy Quach,
Vietnam Peace Committee

Nui Qiang,
Chinese People's Association For Peace And Disarmament

J. Sri Raman,
Coalition for Nuclear Disarmament and Peace (CNDP), India

Vivek Mohan Rao,
Centre of Indian Trade Unions (CITU)

Shiva Shrestha,
Save the World, Kathmandu, Nepal

Russell Springer,
Newton Teachers' Association, Massachusetts, USA

Isabella Sumang,

Nuri Ahmed Swedan,
World Mathaba for the Defense of Freedom, Peace, Fairness and Progression, Libya

Ellen Thomas,
Proposition One Committee, Washington, DC

Ven. Bounsy Venephoumy,
Central Lao Buddhist Fellowship Organization

Pierre Villard,
French Peace Movement

Alyn Ware,
Lawyers Committee on Nuclear Policy

Peter Weiss,
International Association of Lawyers Against Nuclear Arms

Philip White,
Australian Peace Committee

Ken Wyatt,
International Nuclear-Free Zones Local Authorities

Lee Yujin,
Green Korea United, Republic of Korea

Also, among the Japanese participants there were several speeches which I picked up, and perhaps more which are translated:

Ikuro Anzai,
Director, Ritsumeikan Univesity Int'l Peace Museum

Yurie Horie,
Secretary General, Fudanren

Shushi Kajimoto,
Secretary, Hyogo Gensuikyo

Kazushi Kaneko,
Hiroshima Hidankyo

Satoru Konishi,
Assistant General Secretary, Nihon Hidankyo

Hirotoshi Mizoguchi,
Exec Dir, Fukuoka City Peace Committee

Yasuo Ogata,
House of Councilors Member; Committee of Chairpersons

Kazuyoshi Saito,
Int'l Association of Democratic Lawyers (IADL)

Ayako Sekiya,

Terumi Tanaka,
General Secretary, Hidankyo

Shoji Umeda,
Vice-Director, Shizuoka Gensuikyo

Hiroaki Yoshizawa,
Lawyer, Rep. Dir. Okinawa Gensuikyo