2. The Challenging Energy Strategy

At least to those without a financial interest in the industry, continued pursuit of a fossil fuel based system seems likely to insure that the intended goal of CNES will not be realized.

One band of alternative seekers, The March for Peaceful Energy ("MFPE"), is centered in College Park, Maryland. MFPE coalesced around a common belief that fossil fuel is not the most practical application of knowledge and resources, nor in the best interests of the environment.

Their name reflects their desire for "(i)mplementation of a new energy strategy to prevent the US from ever going to war again over oil supplies and to stop oppression of indigenous peoples from imposed mining and waste dumping."

MFPE'S first effort will take place on October 24, 1998, with a symbolic march from the Capitol to the Lincoln Memorial and speakers to address the peaceful use of energy. Although many MFPEers are college students, they are aware that the fossil fuel based system -- petroleum, coal, gas, automotive and utility industry giants, along with their supporting industrial concerns, and a tremendous, but apathetic consumer base -- is arrayed against them.