The first March for Peaceful Energy will be held on October 24, 1998. At noon people promoting renewable energy sources as an alterntive to the fossil fuel system presently befouling the environment and fueling international disharmony, will gather at the Lincoln Memorial. Speakers will address the March before it proceeds to the Capital, to present Congress with the Citizens Peaceful Energy Plan to Congress and the President.

Immediately following the CPEP presentation, the MPE will initiate the world wide "Power Down for Peace" Meditation/Prayer segment of their program. At 2:22 E.S.T. Citizens from all over the world will be unite with the promoters of the CPEP document and turning off all power supply sources and joining in an eleven minute/eleven second meditation and prayer, sponsored by the Washington, D.C. branch of the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual Organization , for the love, respect, and healing of our Mother Earth.