Just Thomas here, passing on more rumors from the mouth of Judy Appleseed, who purports that Clyde Green, the guy who signed the permit, told her that he didn't understand any of the reasons why "We Don't Sign Permits," and was just trying to be helpful.

According to Judy's account:

"On or about February 12th (??? Judy's not sure of the date, might have been the 19th), Clyde went down to the front gate and he saw all these Forest Service vehicles blocking the gate. Now, he's a local, and he knew some ot the rangers personally. He asked what the problem was. They said that we had refused to sign a permit and that they had given us an ultimatim to be gone from the site by Friday (14?)at 11, or they were going to come in and 'disperse' us.

"Clyde said, 'Well, if that's the only problem, I'll sign the permit.'"
Judy stressed that "disperse" was the word used by the authorities.

Judy said she thinks it's interesting that Clyde signed his name -- and that's all, he didn't consult with any Rainbows or any council, just signed HIS NAME -- and the Forest Service typed in on the top of the form "RAINBOW FAMILY." (That's less than a rumor, it's what I noticed when I looked at the copy of the application, which I received in the mail, the contents of which I posted to this news group.) Judy says she saw a newspaper article where the Forest Service stated that the Rainbow Family had signed a permit, even though Clyde told Judy, very clearly, that he never claimed to represent the Rainbow Family.

Judy also thinks it interesting that what Clyde signed was a "Permit Application," because, she claims, in reality that is what is being used as the "Permit."

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