Warren Times Observer
August 23, 1996

They're Back!

Rainbow People planning return to area

Staff Writer

The Rainbow People are coming back to Warren County.

A regional gathering will be held in the Queen Creek area of Watson Township off Forest Rd. 116 beginning this weekend through Labor Day, Monday.

A few thousand Rainbow family members from the mid-Atiantic and New England states are expected to attend according to Bill Baxter from Berkeley Springs, W. Va.

. The area of the Allegheny National Forest is about four miles upstream from the spot where the group encamped eight years ago for a regional gathering and two years ago for a national meeting. The national Gathering attracted 8,000 to 9,000 people, he said.

Citing the First Amendment right to free assembly, Ba.xter said it is the consensus of the group not to comply with a U.S. Forest Service regulation that a permit be obtained for encampments of more than 75 people. He said the Rainbow family has won Federal court cases over the permit issue in Texas and Florida The group was also challenged in North Carolina. but he said in that case there were less than 75 family members in attendance

The peace espousing group clean up after itself after its meetings and also works with law enforcement officials, Baxter said. He stressed these will be no alcohol at the Warren County encampment.

The Rainbows got their start 26 years ago during a concert in Granby, Colo.. where some 40.000 people gathered. From there the group evolved The family embraces "anybody that believes in peace". he said, adding that members range from established college professors to wandering road people. '

The group is even on the Internet "We do have a Rainbow page. Baxter said.