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Date: June 10, 1999
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Subject.- Delegation of Authority, 1999 Rainbow Family Gathering, R-9

To: William C. Fox, Incident Commander, National Incident Command Team

You are hereby delegated authority to manage the 1999 Rainbow Family National Gathering, which will occur on the Allegheny National Forest during June and July of 1999. You have the authority and responsibility to prepare for and manage this event within the framework and guidlines of the law, Forest Service- policy and direction set forth -in this lettter. Additional information will be made available as needed to further clarify your authority and responsibilities. You and your Team are authorized to begin working on the event (gathering) immediately.

Your primary performance objectives and guidelines are as follows--

1. Event Management - Manage this event proactively as a noncommercial -group use activity under special use authorities and the Noncommercial Group Use regulations. Mobilize the needed resources to rnanage the event effectively and efficiently. Pursue a Noncommercial Group Use Peremit with an operating plan. Intemal and extemal relationships and communications are extremely critical and will have to be established and maintained throughout the course of the event, including- key Forest Service personnel, cooperating Federal, State and local agencies, as well as members of the Rainbow Family.. All actions must be well documented and a final documentation package, including recommendations for management of future Rainbow Family National Gatherings, will be necessary

2. Human Resources - Ensure that the safety of employees, assigned personnel, the public. and event participants are considered throughout the course of the the course of the gathering. Incident personnel wil follow established Department of Agriculture guidelines regarding Civil Rights.

3. Information - Provide for internal and external information exchange through the implementation of a communication plan. Ensure that the agency cooperators, local officials and the public are kept informed on the. progress of the event.-Manage media contacts with the framework of established agency policy.

4. Community Relationss - Establish and maintain strong community relations. Private landowners, permittees, concessionaires and the local community are of special concern due to their proximity to the Gathering and their potential for been impacted. I expect your team to work with the community and to identify their potential issues and concerns. You should work with leaders of the Gatherings to minimize social impacts. Consult with key contacts at the Ranger District and in The Supervisor's Office; we have a long-standing relationship with the community and may be able to help in many situations. It is also expected of the Team to cooperate State, county and local agencies and organizations in managing the event.

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Delegation of Authority

5. Resource -Protection - We will provide your team with the expertise of resource specialists and coordinate with representatives of the Rainbow Family, to develop an operating plan and a rehabilitation plan that will provide for protection of sensitive sites during the Gathering, and of rehabilitation of the site when it is concluded. I have particular concern for management of water quality, archeologic and historic resources, litter, garbage, human wastes, fire prevention and wildlife resources. The Forest will gather needed surface water quality samples taken pre-, during and post event.

6. Costs - Manage the event within the established Program of Work- Any adjustments to the POW will be agreed upon in advance. Ensure that all operations are cost-effective, efficient and justificable.Forest personnel working in support of the Incident will apply charged-as-worked principles and use the Incident NFS Management code. Forest personnel assigned to the Incident will require pre-approval by The Incident Commander before charching to the Incident management code.

The 1999 Rainbow Family National Gathering will likely bring between 15,000 and 25,000 visitors to our general area. It is critical that the Team be proactive in working with the Rainbows, other local, State and Federal agencies, and the local community.

The Team's assignment will last until mid July.During this time period, your Incident Management Team will be unavailable for other assignments. You are: not responsible for initial attack fire incidents.

The location of the event is -at Bear Creek-on the Marienville Ranger District During the event, you will report directly to me. If I am unavailable, Dale Dunshie, will serve as my Acting. The Team's performance rating will be based on adherence to and accomplishment of the direction set forth in this delegation of authority.

John E. Palmer
Forest Supervisor Date 6/10/99