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APR   29 1999

TO:     Steve Nelson, Director
           20250-9600                      Forest.Service

FROM:   Donna D. Beecher

        SUBJECT: Maximum Earnings Limitation for Work in Connection with an
Non-Natural Disaster Emergency

The Code of Federal Regulations (5 CFR 550.106) provides that whenever the
head of any agency or his or her designee deternines that an emergency
exists, employees who perform work in connection with the emergency are not
subject to the GS-15, step 10, biweekly maximum earnings limitation.

After reviewing your request, the Forest Service is authorized an exception
to the maximum earnings limitation for employees who have been called to
work to protect Federal property, other forest visitors, and resources
during the Rainbow Family Reunion on the Allegheny National Forest in
Pennsylvania.  This is a non-natural disaster emergency.

This waiver is in effect for pay period 10, beginning May 9 and ending July
17, 1999, the last day of pay period 14.

Please direct any questions to Elizabeth Daly at (202) 720-8629.