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Date. July 29, 1996

To: Rainbows 1996 Gathering

On this date Ben Wyatt and myself conducted a final inspection of the Spring Crook area where the Rainbow's 1996 gathering took place.. We discussed the final cleanup measures with Badger, Riffraff, and Dakota.

We found the entire area completely cleaned up and rehabilitated. All trash had been picked up and removed and all latrenes and compost pits had been filled In and rehabilitated as described in the rehabilitation plan. All construction materials used in housing and cooking facilities had been scattered throughout the area to resemble a more natural condition.

With the recent rains the trampled down vegetation in the fields had already started to green-up and revegetate the heavily used areas. There were several areas that had been seeded with wheat and some clover and this seeding work was beyond the rehabilitation plan specifications.

The cleanup results were excellent but of no surprise. From the very first contacts - made at the beginning of the gathering clean-up work was being conducted by sorting trash, rehabilitating latrenes and compost areas, and continuous picking up trash including cigarett butts.

It is very obvious to me that there are several members of the Rainbow Family dedicated to maintaining a clean environment despite the obstacles of the heat/humidity, getting sick, and an overwhelming job. Individuals I would like to personally thank include: Badger, Dakota, Saylor, Jim, Victor, Val,, Kaba, Riffraff, and many others who worked so hard.

My personal thanks for a job well done and appreciated by all users of this National Forest area.

(signed) Terry Miller
District Ranger