Letter from William Thomas 7/29/94

United States Forest Service Department of Agriculture
Big Piney Ranger District
P.O. Box 218
Big Piney, Wyoming 83113

Reply to: 2300
Date: July 29, 1994

The Rainbow Family:

Your cleanup and rehabilitation efforts following the 1994 National Rainbow Gathering on the Big Piney Ranger District has exceeded our expectations! We want to thank all of you Family Members who stayed and worked with us on the cleanup efforts these past two and one-half weeks. You all gave complete cooperation in meeting the objectives of the rehabilitation plan.

Working with the advance Rainbow Family members proved particularly effective. It enabled us to cover concerns that would need to be addressed throughout the Gathering. Together we identified sensitive areas and agreed to mitigation measures. Protection of the historic the Lander Trail was particularly important and with your help, it was not impacted. In addition.
Bus Village, parking, water systems and kitchens were located in areas resilient to heavy use.

On our walk-through inspections, we specifically were concerned about:

Trash - We saw no trash remaining. Thanks for also removing trash that had been on the site before the Gathering.

Stream Crossings - Four protection efforts of the five major stream crossings and the main meadows were successful. 811 bridges and flagging have been removed.

Sanitation - All kitchens have been reclaimed, ovens dismantled and disintegrated, and compost and gray water pits filled. We found no evidence of latrines.

High Use Areas - Scarification and seeding of the main trail head entrance (welcome camp), large social trails and concentration areas in and around the main circle will be needed. Some of this scarification has already been done around kitchen areas and Kiddie Village. In addl;tion, because of the heavy traffic, mechanical scarification and seeding will be needed in Bus Village. As we discussed with some of the remaining family members. because of the drought conditions here now, some crews will return in late September to complete this final phase of rehabilitation.

Caring for the Land and Serving People

FS-6200-28 (7-82)

Although not directly connected to the cleanup and rehabilitation efforts, a concern about the actual size of the July 3 fire has been expressed to me and my staff by numerous members of the Family. I did not witness the actual fire fighting efforts, but have visited the site on two subsequent occasions, walking the entire perimeter. I estimate the size to be about two acres.

We are very pleased with the overall cleanup effort, All of us on the Forest and the District enjoyed working with both the advance Rainbow Family members and those who remained to clean up. Thanks again.

District Forest Ranger

Caring for the Land and Serving People

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