Letter from William Thomas 3/19/90

United States Department of Agriculture
Forest Service
Washington Office
llth & Independence
P.O. Box 96090
Washington, DC 20090-6090

Reply To: 6270-1
Date: March 1, 1994

Mr. William Thomas
2817 Ilth Street NW
Washington, D.C. 20001

Dear Mr. Thomas:

I received your February 23, 1994 Freedom of Information Act request. You asked for information on the Rainbow Gatherings that took place on the Talladaga and Davy Crockett National Forests.

Documents regarding these gatherings are maintained in the offices of Region 8 of the Forest Service. Your request has been forwarded to that office, and you can expect a response from them.

The Region 8 Forest Service office is located at 1720 Peachtree Road, N.W., Atlanta, GA 30367.

Sincerely, (signed)

National Manager
Freedom of Information/Privacy Act

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