Letter from PCU 2/23/94

P.O. Box 27217
Washington, D.C. 20038
(202) 462-0757

February 23, 1994
Certified Mail No. P150 697 799

Jim Lyons
Assistant Secretary for Natural Resources and the Environment
Department of Agriculture, room 217-E
14th and Independence SW
Washington, D.C, 20250

Dear Mr. Lyons:

This follows my letter of January 31, 1994 (Certified Mail No. P150 697 797).

As you'll recall from my last letter, we've been trying to arrange a public meeting to discuss these proposed regulations, and Ellen Hornstein of the General Counsel's Office has been working dilgently to preclude any such meeting..

Enclosed is a copy of a response to "Proposed Rules for Noncommercial Group Uses and the Distribution of Noncommercial Printed Material," July 23, 1993, from Ann E. Mates, Recreation Director, Green Mountain & Finger Lakes National Forests.

Although it doesn't appear on the Forest Service's log of public comment received in response to the proposed regulation, Ms. Mates' response is significant for several reasons. Noting that the agency proposes to "regulat(e) spontaneity out of existence," and that the "Operating Plan" is a less restrictive alternative of which the rulemaking proposal makes no mention, Ms. Mates' response shows that elements of the agency echo the main points of my last letter. These are important issues that deserve serious public discussion.

Thus, we renew our suggestion for a meeting between the progenitors of the proposed amendments to 36 C.F.R. 251 & 261 and all interested parties.

In service to peace through understanding,

William Thomas

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