Letter from PCU 1/1/94

P.O. Box 27217
Washington, D.C. 20038
(202) 462-0757

January 1, 1994

Jim Lyons
Assistant Secretary for Natural Resources and the Environment
Department of Agriculture, room 217-E
14th and Independence SW
Washington, D.C, 20250

Dear Mr. Lyons:

On December 28, 1993 we received both a certified, return receipt requested copy of a letter addressed to you from Carla Newbre of Eugene, Oregon, and a copy of a Washington Post article written by Guy Gugliotta.

Coincidently, both Ms. Newbre's letter and Mr. Gugliotta's article pose the same erroneous idea: that People for Compassion and Understanding speak "on behalf" of the Rainbow Family.

People for Compassion and Understanding is a group that formed in response to amendments to 36 CFE 251 and 261, proposed by the United States Forest Service on May 6, 1993, Federal Register, Vol. 58, No. 86, pg. 26940.

The unifying agent of this group is a common agreement that the proposed amendments constitute an unnecessary and intolerable assault on the freedoms of belief, expression and assembly which would affect every individual subject to the laws of the United States.

That this regulation would affect the Rainbow Family, as individuals subject to the laws of the United States, is self- evident. However -- as illustrated by Ms. Newbre's letter, and notwithstanding Mr. Gugliotta's article -- our previous correspondence to your office shows the idea that People for Compassion and Understanding might have ever tried to "represent" the Rainbow Family is totally unsupported.

Of course, we do not expect that Ms. Newbre's letter or Mr. Gugliotta's article will diminish the consideration given by your office to communications from People for Compassion and Understanding. Nonetheless, please be advised that People for Compassion and Understanding do not purport, or wish to, represent the Rainbow Family.

Thank you,

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