A Legaliason Council Aug 3rd in peace Park, Wash. D.C.

Comments made before minutes were read:

*Thomas has copies of FS Reports on past 3 years' gatherings, if anyone wants to copy, they are welcome to them.

*Dave Massey will be focalizing, has a packet of Legaliason archives, as complete as he was able to compile, he started out being on Legaliason Crew in 1988. Now he is on the shadow list, resigned this year. Packet includes many things, a copy at the office. Among those things, LL activities he's had access to from 1972, Israel Case is referred for 1962 (earliest) case, Bean vs. US appeals court, as well as the original 1988 Legaliason agreement as to the requirements of Legaliason volunteers.

*Will we abide by the agreements consensed on in Alabama

*Minutes/consensii Read that were reached in Alabama July 5 & 6.

* Thomas objects to Carla agreeing to him coming back onto Legaliason Council on the 5th, and then the next day's council, insisted that, since Thomas was not present to get back on in person (neither was Mateo or Montana Clan) his request could not be granted.

*Water disagreed with many of the consensus points reached at BOTH councils held in Alabama in July, since the folks who were gathering in Kentucky were (not) consulted. Feels that the Legaliason list of names itself is especially invalid, wants his name to be on the list.

*Mateo wants to call all that council consensii null and void *Water says we can amend and change it as we see fit.

*Zeus says Tennessee family will not recognise any decisions that have anything to do with a gathering organized by, affected by Stephen Principle.

*Water feels that an unofficial council in Kentucky was held that decided that their support was 100% for the Legaliason office/base of operations to be in DC.

***THOMAS/DAVE Massey POINT OF CLARIFICATION:There has never been Legaliason Office persay; it's the people who DO THE WORK who are Legaliason, and always has been.****

*Starfire: There are 4 reasons that the Consensus reached on July 6 in Alabama should be considered invalid when considering whether this family should change the location of the Legaliason base of operations.

-Consensus was not brought to main council

-The DC Legaliason crew was never consulted about this orientation period. But also, the orientation period never happened, even if the main council & DC crew had agreed to it.

-Most of the people who attended the meeting on the 5th, the "official", and posted meeting, when people put their names on the open legaliason list, were not present on the meeting that decided to change the central "office", so their input, as well as that of the DC crew, were never heard.

-It seems that the assurances that went along with July 6th consensus (i.e. the legal consultation and records being left in the DC office, Stephen Principles' not ruling the Texas office,


Little White Owl's orientation period, the financing of mailings, media follow thru, etc.) are not being/going to be met.

* Forrest: This will not be the main challenge spot: future gatherings will be.

*Water-never brought in front of main council; therefore not a binding consensus. Proposed the following consensus: Since the consensus made by the Legaliason Council in Alabama July 6.,1993 was never brought up in front of main council, it is merely a recommendation from a subcouncil to shift the office and is not therefore binding. And as a Legaliason Council happening in Washington DC Aug 3, 1993, it is our responsibility to listen to these recommendations, but more it is our responsibility to figure out what needs to be done and plan how to go about doing it regarding Legaliason.

*Kashira-As a member of Legaliason, as well as of rainbow, feels that we need to do a Legaliason outreach- find people in each region who want to be represented, mailed info to them or From them from this office & to office. Need to be sure each person/gp trusted with info should be aware of how much work is involved w/ legaliason work, & that they and others are sure that they can be responsible for this very important aspect of Rainbow Family business. Consensus /prior knowledge is needed of who these people are and what they are doing first. Orientation in DC should be required first.

* Thomas read Declaration of Understanding that described the responsibilities of anybody who would perform Legaliason work. Emphasized that, like Shanti Sena, everybody is Legaliason.

* Little White Owl met w/ TC, Thomas yesterday. She doesn't feel she can speak alone for the Texas Family, and so she called them It is E. Texas Family's understanding/desire to 100% work in cooperation with the Legaliason office in DC, since vital components of Legaliason are in DC.

BUT, wants to help downgrade the DC Crew's workload to help them keep their other projects going.

AND wants copies of other relevant records.

SO: In summary, she wants it to be clear that the E. Texas Family doesn't want anyone to feel that Texas is trying to manipulate a change- This is not their private agenda.

Hopes that this will be a cooperative effort WANTS TO be (AND HAVE EVERYBODY ELSE BE) REAL CLEAR ABOUT RESPONSIBILITIES AND expectations OF EACH OFFICE.

*(Wants E. Texas Family (after her orientations) to know who's responsible for what, wants open, close communication to avoid overlap, redoing same thing, A lawsuit will be filed in 5th Fed district in E. Texas. Might be a good place to start a lawsuit.

Not sure if Judge Justice sits in Texas,

*Chicken"s perspective was that this consensus was not at all about Judge Justice's influence/past help, it was Carla's insistence that Thomas & DC folks were on a power trip, empire building, etc.

*Mateo asks that E. Texas office rescind Carla's letter sent to FS saying that LL office being changed from DC. They can say


there is another office, but not that the office is being changed

*TC- There will be no office, lets deal with the individuals working, honorably. We can have lots of offices.

*Water-We need addresses, phone no.s, so somebody has to take responsibility for being the central base for communications concerning Legaliason.

Dave Massey wants a copy of the original 1988 council in Texas. A videotape will be presented, so that the original consensus can be understood.

Thomas- this is the first he has heard of Carla's backstabbing- "Honor is at question here- can TC come up with a good place for an "honorable" solution to be attained

*Scotty- Practically, lots of legal actions will happen. That is probably the honorable motivation behind the Texas family's willingness to prosecute. Practically, people from regions should come to DC for training and research before they embark on their full blown Legaliason activities. We should support SELECTIVE representatives from each region.

-Also, Scotty feels that this office needs to be strengthened and supported in the continuing actions after Aug 4; hopefully we will be having hearings in- Congress. A focal point here is needed, because a variety of actions, and access to major channels is here.

*Little White Owl has a point of info about where we stand legally in Texas: Filed against "Rainbow Natian· she feels that this means we have been declared a sovereign nation by this precedent. Also, the Rainbow Family of Living Light has non- profit status as a legitimately recognized church,

*Thomas commented that in the US vs Rainbow Family case, we were referred to as aka R,F, of Living light, R.F. Tribal Council, Rainbow Nation, etc,

*Scotty wants everybody to know that at the Kentucky vision council, a new family/tribe was born, called the Turtle Island Rainbow Tribe.

*Dan D is very upset about the Alabama consensus, and is not the only one.

*Scotty feels the consensus is invalid because there was no main council consensus, but Little White Owl is still going to be taking files, so what will E. Texas be responsible for? Where will the phone, address be located?

*Dave says receipt for copies will be given, and that at that time responsibilities will be assigned. No deadlines can be missed , or responsibilities blown off.

* Pieman agrees that there should be other satellite offices. *Thomas- never talked about LL office ever only DC office talked about.

*Zeus relevant advice: If FS succeeds , passes regs, and don't agree that 4 gatherings next year will help relieve the land to lower impact, Zeus will push having one gathering with 50,000 to shock FS.

*TC: The problem is fear of deceit. If we continue this, we will split ourselves up. Let's not do this.

*Dave- We either hang together or hang separately. Let's move the archives around the country so that more folks will be educated.


*Water says he will help Nachedoshus folks to get organized. Still is on Legaliason, even though he's not listed.

*Dave thinks other volunteers should go to Nachedoshus.

*Little White Owl's vision is that there be a flow of people between Texas and DC to help them implement happenings in DC to happen in Texas, Wants ONE OFFICE, 2 LOCATIONS, ONE LEGALIASON, 2 [or more] CREWS. Believes that everybody on the list is responsible to plug in and that would help keep the Feds confused.

* Ray suggests that the Texas office can focalize the entire SW, and organize/lobby with groups out there, and DC can continue it's info gathering, etc.

*Scotty says to network have satellites, we must be flexible to shift resources where they're needed. Suggests that areas west of Mississippi be handled by East Texas.

*Forrest- we should have offices in all regions

*Water- DC has been acting as a clearinghouse up till now. Additional crew will be taking on these responsibilities. Suggests monitoring regs in DC, and doing mailings by the Texas crew, creating one more clearinghouse.

*Beth- Clarification of E.Texas position must be made, since an entirely different position has been presented today. She requests that the E. Texas family restate their new idea of what their responsibilities would be and present it on paper.

******* LWO- A clear understanding/delineation will be made when she leaves about the "New Reality".

*Thomas- about dynasties, empires- he knows his own motives. He's keeping family informed, giving his opinions about the regulatory process, is acting as eyes and ears of the family about the regulations. Structuring some organization/agreement sounds off base to him. He will continue to do what he's doing, has no expectations of what people will do- Anybody who's interested, should help w/ action & we should only agree to WORK TOGETHER FOR THE BENEFIT OF ALL.


*Scotty- There was a difference between -bilateral office and the sense earlier discussed and what emerged... Is confused about whether the outcome was to have a bilateral office, or whether it's proposed that there be many diffuse regional offices, of which Texas would be a one part,

*Water: E.Tex people are attempting to take some of the load off of the DC crew.

*Scotty-If that's okay,this doesn't preclude other regions being included. Proposes that we look to where incidents will occur, and steer our resources toward that/those areas.

*Thomas thinks that if the load really being taken off, somebody would do something, like setting up a Nat'l Office,

*Water says that's not what's being said, that an adjunct office is being suggested. Says that steps ARE being taken in that representative has been sent to find out how they can take the load off of DC crew.


*Thomas has concerns..interrupted by..

*Rev Dr X wants to help

*Bill B- Midatlantic family supports DC Crew. Thomas keeps their region informed. Focalizers throughout the year need to let their folks know. Fells that one office will facilitate clear & concise mailings, and that one office is needed to keep mailings coming from & to DC.

*Ray- as Legaliason, we can assemble all groups-this affects everyone.

*Dave-files about past gatherings/ii fnfo, has subjective opinion on what was relevant. No main council has been held about this yet. Copies available in the office. Table of contents will be added. 6 copies will be added.

*Scotty suggests selling the copies at face value

*Water proposes his consensus gets accepted in response to July 6 consensus to change the site of the LL office,

*No family council on-site consensus regarding legaliason

*We are A leqaliason council, not THE council

*Beth- Until E.Texas LL has restated their position, but WILL shouldn't we wait until they do to assign duties/make decisions

*Dan D.-This council recognizes the consensus agreement to be a recommendation.

*Thomas- Amendment "consider their recommendation, reject it, and decide that Legaliason is whoever is doing the work."

*Dave- We have no authority to reject things consensed Julyl-7

*Water-never consensed, since no presentation to Family council July 6, so only a recommendation recognizes as such.

*Thomas-reject it

* Zeus-amendment/recommendation/block- Reject July 6th agreement to move office but acknowledge recommendation

*Water-interpret as you wish, but continue Legaliason councils.

*Ray- there is no Legaliason office, only crews

*Thomas -4 points-agrees only to keep working against all regs. Does not agree with the other 3:
-to establish a Nat'l office in Texas
-All efforts be focused in Texas
-DC Crew will informs Family of the change

*TC feels we can't make this decision for the faaily,

*Mateo- abuse of council process to waste so much time.

LWO-form honor-with 3 sites, nobody can consense here about anything, We have to be very careful how we affect thousands of people. Let's be clear, concise, not dictatorial or wishy washy.

*Kashira- The consensus in Alabama is not valid is not binding & so therefore is not recognized by this council

*Zeus Recommends that since I Nat'ls, council in Alabama not binding, only ours here is.

SO: THE CONSENSUS reached was: since the consensus reached by the Alabama legaliason crew did not follow Family process, it is merely a recommendation. As an ongoing Legaliason Council in DC in August 3rd, 1993, it is our responsibility to figure out what has to be done and plan how to do it, We call for all regional Legaliason councils and crews to continue and intensify their Legaliason activities,


MAGIC HAT RAISED $55.00 for photocopies


Legaliason Bank for 1996 (and others can be added by mutual agreement of others as well as existing bank council) DC Crew needs to be the bank. Three members are Steven Botscheller, Thomas, and Chicken.

Sherby has some comments on this situation that she faxed to the office in DC Aug 3th, 1993:

"Dear brothers & sisters,

RE: The Alabama LL consensus- the consensus process allows consensus to be changed at the next assembly of the people.

The Alabama - July 5 LL Consensus is only good for those people present at that time and of course is subject to change.

However, the list of options is still viable for those of us who consensed and useful as record for the family. Don't throw out the baby with the bathwater. I do not think the list either of Legaliason Council or list of options was meant to be exclusive. So- for the record here it is. I would always have expected whether in attendance ,at the Alabama National or at the Kentucky uprising -so- what's the problem?" As we move into phase two of dealing with the Forest Service regulations- Let us work in solidarity. Wish I could be there-Love, Flying Heart.


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