Letter from Legaliaison 9/1/88

Carla B. Newbre
P.O. Box 24715
Eugene, OR 97402

July 19, 1993

Mr. Dale Robertson
U.S. Forest Service
P.O. Box 96090
Washington, D.C. 20090-6090

Re: Relocation of Rainbow Family Legaliaison National Office (primary contact for communications with Rainbow Family regarding 36 CFR 251 et seq.) from Washington, D.C. to Nacogdoches, Texas

Dear Mr. Robertson,

Please be aware of the following change:

The National Office of the Legaliaison team of volunteers- as per the consensus of the Rainbow family of Living Light Legaliaison Council on the Land on July 6, 1993- will be moving to the following address effective August 4, 1993:

Rainbow Legaliaison Team National Office
3029 Woden Rd.
Nacogdoches, Texas 75961

At our Legaliaison Council, there were also some changes to the composition of our team of volunteers. A list of the names and addresses of active members of the team will be sent to you shortly.

Unless you hear otherwise from the individual participants themselves, I am sure that all members of the Legaliaison team with whom you have been in contact will wish to continue to receive communications from you regarding revisions to 36 CFR 251 & 261.

I myself am a new Legaliaison volunteer and have agreed to serve in the capacity of Communicators/P.R./Media interface.

Enclosed is a copy of the "All Ways free" newspaper of which I am the outgoing editor. Enjoy.


Carla 8. Newbre

cc:President Clinton
Marion Connolly
East Texas Rainbow
National Legaliaison Office (Texas)
Outgoing National Legaliaison Office( D.C.)
Eugene Rainbow
New York Rainbow

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