Rainbow/Legaliaison Update 3/30/93

MARCH 30, 1993 -- MAILING


A couple of weeks ago the Forest Service sent us a copy of the Rainbow Gathering 1992 report on Colorado.

Because the cost of printing and mailing one copy of the sixty-two page report is about $5.00, only about twenty copies have been mailed to the most active members of Legaliaison and to Rainbow publications (All Ways Free, the Guide, Ho! and Pot O' Gold).

Enclosed is a copy of a letter sent to Larry Hill, USFS, on behalf of Legaliaison. This letter only begins to address the representations of the Colorado report, but may pretty well sum up the foundation for the government's arguments in favor of the proposed regulation.

THE GOOD NEWS: As of March 26, 1993 the regulation was still awaiting approval from the office of Management and Budget. This means that, unless the Forest Service violates the Administrative Procedure Act -- and finds a court that lets them get away with it -- it is now virtually impossible for them to put the new regulations into effect in time for this year's gathering. HOWEVER THIS DOES NOT MEAN THAT THE BATTLE IS OVER. The Forest Service has not given up, and is still anxious to pass this regulation. We continue to encourage letter writing and petition circulation.

In service to peace through justice,

D.C. Scribe

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