Letter to William Thomas 1/28/93

From: United States Forest Service
14th & Independence SW
P.O. Box 96090
Washington, DC 20090-6090

January 28, 1993

To: Thomas
P.O. Box 27217
Washington, DC 20038

Dear Mr. Thomas,

Your letter to (ex-)Secretary Madigan has been referred to me for response. You are requesting confirmation of the status of the proposed rule to revise 36 CFR Part 251 which governs special uses of the National Forest System.

You are correct that the rule was recently exempted from the regulatory moratorium imposed by President Bush. The basis for that exemption was the desire to try to adopt a final rule before the summer field season when use of the National Forests is heaviest, so that uniform rules governing all group uses would be in place to guide Forest Service officers.

Subsequently, on January 22, the Director of the Office of Management and Budget imposed a suspension of regulatory publication to allow the new Administration opportunity to become familiar with and make their own decisions on pending regulatory matters. We still hope to publish the proposed rule soon, so that the public can comment on the proposal and we can adopt a final rule before the summer.

As you know, you are already on our mailing list to receive a copy of the proposed rule when it is published. We encourage you to submit your comments on the record so that they can be considered in adoption of the final rule.

G. Dennis Keaton
Acting Director, Information Systems and Technology

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