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Reply To: 1010-2

Date: APR
Dear Mr. Thomas:

I regret that you feel communication with the Forest Service on the group use regulations has "deteriorated". From the tone of your letter, I infer that you believe you have not received information that others in the Rainbow Legaliaison have. My communication with the Rainbow Family over the past 4 months has been limited to periodic telephone calls, principally from Jim Johnson, but occasionally from one or two others, asking about the status of the proposed rule. The only information I have been able to give is that we were still finalizing the draft rule within the Forest Service and that the draft rule is being reviewed by the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) as required by Executive order 12291. OMB is still reviewing the rule, and I have no idea when that review will be completed.

Once we obtain OMB concurrence, the rule will be sent to the Office of the Federal Register. Upon publication, you and other volunteers of Rainbow Legaliaison who have asked to be notified will be sent a copy of the proposed rule which you can then use to encourage comment from other Family members.


Regulatory Officer
cc: Rainbow Legliaisons:
Jim Johnson
NY Rainbow Family
Rainbow Nevada '89
Peace Ray & Jesse
Montana Clan
Mary Huddle

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