Letter from Legaliaison 9/1/88

Legaliaison for the Rainbow Family Council

Secretary of Agriculture
Department of Agriculture
14th and Independence Avenue S.W.
Washington, D.C.

September 1, 1988

Dear Sir:

As one of the largest single users of the National Forest system we write in grateful acceptence of your invitation to have representation on the National Forest System Law Enforcement Advisory Council. After consultation within the Rainbow Legaliaison it has become apparent that a couple of minor details remain to be worked out.

Any actions or decisions pertaining to the Rainbow Family can only be made by, and are subject to the approval of the Rainbow Family Tribal Council, which convenes once each year on July 1st. This restriction applies also to all actions and decisions of the Rainbow Legaliaison. The Rainbow Family Tribal Council has recognized that it is essential to our concensus process that the Rainbow Legaliaison represent the Rainbow Family in any interaction with government agencies on all levels.

We realize that you have offered only one seat on the Law Enforcement Council to the Rainbow Family. However we would request that, in deference to our tribal process, you allow this seat to be filled concurrently by Rainbow Legaliaison volunteers, who will speak with one clear voice.

Under the circumstances explained above you can see that we have completed the enclosed forms to the best of our ability. Therefore concerning your nonsensitive or noncritical-sensitive security check may we suggest that you refer to your own files or consult with Forest Service special agents who have or are currently investigating us.

We have already notified Chief Robertson of certain logistical situations arising from our concensus process, and enclose copies of our previous correspondence. As we have stressed no one person may speak for the Rainbow Family, the entire Legaliaison should be notified of any proposals or developements, and we should be allowed ample time to respond to any communications from your agency.

Acting Scribe for Rainbow Legaliaison
for the Rainbow Family Council

2 enclosures, and Advisory Committee membership forms

copies: Susan Sea
Cecil Wilson

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