"Enclosed in entirety is a 1-page undated e-mail message from Alice Carlton
to Kim Thorsen.":

A great stroke for efficiency has been won!  I want to thank especially Jody
Sartori, Louise Larson, Kim Thorsen, and Hank Kashdan, and Bill Fox and Gary
Sick of the IC team.  I'm sure there are others who I'm not aware of that
really helped to make this happen to.  Thanks to you all.  Alice

We finally got them!

 NFS $220,000 in fund code RMOP18
       LE&I $180,000 in fund code LELELG

The budget folks back here were great in helping us set this up.  Both rec and 

budget know LE&I will be monitoring these funds from here in the WO LE&I shop.

 Gary, can you send me a brief outline of what the money generally covers for
 each fund code?  Jose Puente is here helping on some stuff and he would
like to
 keep something in the budget folder.

       Thx Kim

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       Kim Thorsen
       Assistant Director, Enforcement and Liaison
 Law Enforcement and Investigations

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Alice Carlton

USDA-Forest-Service, Washington DC
Recreation Concessions
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