Katulah Trial Information

Was in Asheville, NC for the Katuah trial, watched 4 of the 5 Defendants get convicted of Free Assembly on public land, i.e., violating 36 CFR 261.10(j) of the Forest Service 'Group Use' rules. Will happily share the grim details soon... a full report is in da woiks. Frankly, it seemed that the defense played to some shaky middle ground, and may not have made an adequate trial record to support the appeal.

I had been in steady touch with Wing, Gallagher, and the local lawyer many weeks in advance; provided info, tried to muster more legal help, worked hard & brought a bunch of new research -- but it didn't get plugged in. Reasons?

(1) Limited scope of defense: They were trying to avoid Constitutional & other issues in the rulemaking that might land on appeal in the nasty 4th Circuit in Richmond, so the case was presented narrowly on flaws in the criminal prosecution; it didn't quite work either way.

(2) Brian Michaels: The last week before the trial he got his airfare paid to come in and represent Wing, so he shows up and badmouths me constantly, loudly & repeatedly accusing me of being a Government Agent. The whole Party Line from Paranoid Central.

What an asshole. He DID have the cajones to say it to my face... and Everybody.

Like Plunker was saying last summer, "It's nice to be nice", hoping for healing around the old Legaliaison Rift of '93-'94. I've been trying real hard to cooperate with folks & share info. But in some quarters it's been a 1-way effort, and I'm tired of getting my time wasted and my integrity insulted. This flak from the backside has been disabling us all for too long already, and it's getting stupider. This is the World Series dammit.

The Upshot... I'm talking about this gripe because the stakes of freedom are too high for a standard of performance so low. Of all people, of all times, WE gotta work together NOW. The FS Regs ain't no disco, it's way bigger than our territorial monkey-squawks, & the foolery & fuckery have got to end...

So, if you see what I see, please tell all those self-styled Deities of the Rainbow Pantheon to cut the divisive, secretive crap, and quit hammering people who actually DO THINGS other than preach to the choir -- squash this pissant High Holigarchy horseshit. Beating up on me is a cheap cover for sitting on their asses over the last 3.3 years.

What goes down now is gonna Count. Sometimes we have to decide what's OK & what's NOT; this makes basic trust possible. It goes nowhere if good work is under attack. Before I rely on any allies, I have to believe them. Is this Rainbow or Cosa Nostra?

Wake Up And Rage,

-- scottie

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