February, 1993

Whereas, misunderstanding breeds confusion, and, whereas, confusion breeds animosity, and, whereas, animosity is antithetical to harmony, and, whereas we wish to avoid disharmony, be it hereby known to all concerned that the following is a true and accurate description of our personal understanding regarding the origination, nature and activities of the Rainbow Legaliaison.

LEGALIAISON IS THE EARS AND EYES (and, pursuant to final approval of the Family Council, representative) OF THE RAINBOW FAMILY with respect to the federal government's regulatory restriction of the people's right to freely assemble on public lands. By this Declaration, and the accompanying letter to the White House, January 26, 1993, all who profess interest in this issue are hereby notified of all relevant Legaliaison representations to and contacts with the government.

Since the "United States" began it has been taken for granted that the people are free to gather on the public lands. For over twenty years the Rainbow Family has freely -- more or less -- gathered on public land. Lately elements of the government have been working to erase that freedom. In Texas, 1988, those subversive government elements came close to stopping the National Rainbow Family gathering.

After the 1988 Texas Gathering a group of brothers and sisters approached Thomas, in (Peace) Lafayette Park, Washington, D.C., told him that the Rainbow Family Council had consensed to the formation of a "Legaliaison," and asked whether he would be willing to work as a volunteer. The purpose of Legaliaison was clearly stated:
"(N)o individual is authorized to speak for the Rainbow Council, which speaks by consensus. (T)he Rainbow Council Legaliaison devised a method by which to keep the Rainbow Family and friends abreast of developments in the regulatory process through telephone, mail, and word of mouth." See, accompanying White House letter, Appendix B, para. 3.

The government's next assault on freedom of assembly occurred during the spring of 1990 when another regulation was slipped into the process. Due, perhaps entirely, to a letter writing campaign the government lost that battle. But the war didn't end. The government returned to the drafting table to fabricate another regulation.

As government agent Marian Connolly (703-235-1488) drafted them, Legaliaison/DC Crew tracked the progress of the new regulations. It seems the federal government has dealt in rumors. What appeared to be true one day seemed to be false the next. Two days before Thanksgiving Council, Ms. Connolly said that NFS had a new regulation ready to go, the only thing holding it up was ex-President Bush's moratorium on "non-essential" regulations. To deliver that information to the Thanksgiving Council, Thomas went to Georgia. He was given a $158.63 Legaliaison hat to keep the Family informed.

On Friday, January 8, 1993, Dina Apple, one of Marian Connolly's assistants, revealed that ex-Secretary of Agriculture (Madigan) had exempted the anti-peaceable gathering regulation from the President's moratorium. She said the rulemaking would go to the Office of Management and Budget for preliminary approval within "a couple of days."

On, Monday, January 11th she said the regulations had already gone to OMB.

January 28th the Washington Post reported, "About 100 11th hour (regulations) pushed by the Bush administration will be rescinded by the Clinton administration." On the 29th phone calls to OMB, the White House, NFS and Agriculture indicated the anti-gathering regulation was still under consideration at OMB. But, on the 30th we obtained a memo from the director of OMB which indicates that the anti-gathering regs are, indeed, under reconsideration.

All principle attendees to the initial Legaliaison/Forest Service meeting are listed in the White House letter, App. B. We have repeatedly corresponded with each of those people, as well as all the people (except Don Pen RedDusk, Swan, and Christian Norris whose addresses, the Post Office claims, are "Not Known") who signed-up for information at the Thanksgiving council -- in addition to many other Rainbow Family folks -- to keep them informed of the present situation. Our letters have prompted little response.

To date postage and copies for informational mailings have been contributed by the Peace Park Clan. The hat presently contains $188.63. Copies for this mailing were donated, but the hat will be diminished by the cost of postage.

Surely our brothers & sisters enjoy meeting in the woods at least once a year; we've also heard them express sincere devotion to the sacred rights of free expression and assembly; we hope they're doing something to spread the word, and to encourage ACTION, because, we reason, if the Rainbow Warriors fail to mobilize for this battle their "right" to stage "gatherings" will become a "privilege," subject to the whim of Government.

As we see it, like "ShantiSena," everyone is "LegaLiaison." Seems to us that, like ShantiSena, when few people are willing to assume the responsibility to BEHAVE (ACT, in the verb tense) like LegaLiaison ... the inevitable result will be a state of chaotic disunity in which those who did the least to avert the calamity will complain and place blame for the undesirable state of chaotic disunity caused, at least in part, by their own inactivity.

Because we are all preoccupied with our own important problems and pleasures, we don't have a lot of time for other stuff. Yet, this regulation would create an important problem for everyone, adversely affecting not just our pleasure, but also the key principles of democracy.

Be it HEREBY DECLARED, all actions taken by Legaliaison/DC Crew are sincerely intended to foster the best interests of the human race and the Rainbow Family. Those who dispute any opinion expressed, or action taken by Legaliaison are encouraged to state their disagreement as soon as possible: Speak soon or don't expect to be taken seriously six or eight months down the road.

For peace through reason,

Dave Massey

LEGALIAISON/D.C. volunteers, POB 27217, Washington, D.C. 20038
202-265-5389 (Collect calls accepted only from jail.)

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