On March 31, 1999 at approximately 3:30pm, Tripper Wilson, from Mt. St. Helen's, Washington, and Mark Parker, from New York City, entered Lafayette Park while a demonstration by Kosovars was in progress, in support of NATO bombing. Their purpose was to protest against the NATO bombings with a sign that said: "Stop the Bombs. Drop Food Instead."


Tripper propped the sign against his backpack, momentarily turned away from it, when an Albanian Kosovar grabbed the sign and tore it up.



At the same time Tripper noticed that at least half a dozen Kosovars, men, women and children, were verbally attacking Concepcion Picciotto, because Concepcion had allegedly referred to Madeleine Albright as "a bitch."


About a half hour earlier one of the men in the group had attempted to tear up one of Concepcion's signs.



Although Tripper and Parker complained to Park Police officers monitoring the demonstration, the police did nothing.



Ironically, while the Kosovars were complaining about Concepcion's use of the word "bitch," they left an illegal, unattended sign in the park, which tended to undercut their argument on behalf of political correctitude.