Out of the recession of the early 90s a new awareness started to form in America. With political ineptitude soaring ever upward, an awakening of sorts, is happening. As people become more aware of the influence of multi-national corporations on the policy and decisions of our leaders. The realization of the need for a change is rapidly coming into focus. Hence the arrival of WALT ROOT to the political arena.

Born out of the realization that regular citizens are expendable to corporate interest, i.e. incinerators, nuclear power and refinement plants, toxic technologies. Things have to change directions for the human race to survive. America, often looked to as a world leader must step up to that responsibility, as only it can. Plagued by maladies such as greed, indifference, apathy and sometimes down right deception, it's time for a tune-up.

Lack of accountability and responsibility in our top leadership positions, sends a message to the rest of the world that does not shed a very good light on the American people. The two major political parties waste our time, money and energy doing little about the real issues and needs of the mainstream populace. Our citizenry has the unique ability to fix things because of the precepts of freedom so many have sacrificed so much for.

WALT ROOT (We Are Living The Results Of Our Thoughts) is the ideal concept candidate, the ultimate in of, by, and for the people.

The way it would work, every body that thinks a change is essential votes for "WALT ROOT", (strictly a write-in campaign). On election day when "WALT ROOT" wins by a landslide, a new beginning. On the day he's to take office, everyone that voted shows up for work and doesn't leave until the job is done. A true return of the government to the people and if it doesn't work we only have ourselves to blame. Sounds a bit extreme but our children need a future, and the current leadership is doing little or nothing to correct the problems.

If anything is to be learned from the example set in Minnesota's gubernatorial election, it would be that the climate is ripe for change. A focused campaign by visionary proponents can overcome a complacent effort by maintainers of the status quo. Awaken while there is ample opportunity for change, seize control of the situation while the tools for change still exist. Remove the threat of the growing police state, and restore the voice of the people while it can still be heard. Our future generations call out for a solution to the fate of the world they are preparing to join, let's replace tradition with effectiveness. Let's remove the encumbrance of the human state and move towards the dawning of a day that empowers all people to achieve their true potential.