We are a group of individuals who have come together to say that it is time to end all wars. Wars inheritantly are the destruction of trust amongst us, therefore eliminating the ability for us to come together in these rapidly changing times. We believe that by ending the drug war, a war on people, an important step toward world peace will be achieved. Current and ongoing allegations that the government has been using the drug war to fund the purchase of weapons only goes to show that something has to be done to end this war. More importantly, we are walking to educate people to the responsibility that we all have here on the earth, our Mother. But, just as ending the drug war is the first step in achieving world peace, world peace is the first step in bringing harmony to the vast universe around us. The time to change things has come. Too many of our brothers and sisters have died in wars caused by the individual pursuits for more.

Outraged? Why not? Billions of our tax dollars feed into the military control of the drug war. Thousands of innocent people are caught in the crossfire caused by this war yearly. Prisions are growing beyond capacity. Judges are tired of dealing with victimless crimes. Do you realize how much less stress there would be if, users didn't have to worry that any minute they could be thrown in jail, cops didn't have to worry that they might be shot for merely wearing a uniform into the "wrong" neighborhood? Hear us, we are not saying take drugs, merely that wars must be stopped. Our future depends on what we do right now. There are People dying around the world because of money raised by drug sales in this country. By taking the illegal profit out of drugs we will eliminate the ability for thihs to happen.

We will be carrying our coffin out of the Washington D.C. area beginning on Monday December 2nd. Our first destination will be the regional Rainbow gathering in Mississippi, beginning on January 1st 1997. From there we'll be heading on to the west coast for the National Rainbow Gathering in July. Our message will be carried to the people, by the people, for the people until minds are reached. Your support is welcome, whether you join us in the walk, write letters to the powers that be, or help us while we are in your area.

Thanks and God Bless,