passing thoughts

sitting on the sidewalk, watching the world go by,
just off ground zero, wondering why i try.
we live in a world of wonder, there's so much left to know.
the night is over, the light is on, it's time to start the show.

i wonder how it feels to live with uncertainty,
not knowing what the next tick of the clock could bring.
could this all be an illusion, then i realized it was the only
time i'd ever known.

what reality,
what sanity,
ethnic cleansing,
collateral damage,
religious revival,
nuclear survival,
land of the free,
of, by, and for the people,

People kneeling on the sidewalk, bearing signs of peace.
Pray to stop the bombing, for the genocide to cease.
WWe are told it's humanitarian to drop bombs on all the serbs.
Yet wwe just don't have time to hear the kids screaming in the burbs.
So arrest those pesky rebels, force them to disperse.
If they weren't in such a free country, the scenario would be worse.
So onward Christian soldiers, march into the coming storm.
We will kill them, before they kill us thanks to our economical norm.

PEACE---thru sarcasm!?

What's up !?!! i mean,, really??!!? what reality are we supposed to be tuning into anyway? Please, pass the remote!

We have 'leaders' that make six-figures a year plus perks, and we have a society going mad about the loss of respect from our youth. our media creates a turmoil about guns in schools but says little about the depleted uranium being spread all over Iraq and Yugoslavia and god knows where else.

Control the private sector while the government spreads high-tech weaponry secrets to our supposed enemy. maybe we should just end the secrecy and tell, everybody, everything. What better way to scare someone, than with truth?

The current overall illusion of reality is very dangerous for life (existence) as we currently know it. all this arrogance, that we can continue to despoil our biosphere, (noticed any normal weather lately), without any severe repercussions is grossly flawed. nature itself has showed continually that we have yet to master simple things, let alone the ability to handle weapons of mass destruction safely. the fact that a really major catastrophe ("Unless you want to count CHERNOBYL, where only about 600,000 people (more people than live in Wyoming) were permanently, cleansed!!! from a nearby city while the dis-abled reactor is still an ongoing threat, two other reactors in the complex are still being operated.") hasn't happened yet is the only hope we really have left, but it's enough to work with!!

At home we have postal students, confused adults, sex scandals and political intrigue, not to mention the bio-mutating chemicals being released into our air, food and water supply. a world police force mentality, combined with more laws and an expanding prison INDUSTRY...... might, to a rational individual, promote some feelings of concern. but not to worry!! everything is gonna be allright!!

Soon, everyone will experience a spark enlightenment the like of which, humankind, can glimpse only in vague ancient memories. we must be aware and ready to embrace the incredible experience that awaits.............