Attitude and Perception

attitude and perception
or is it just decption.
do we really have a choice
of what we do or say ?
or is this life we hold so dear
run by someone else's play?
i thank the almighty far above
for giving me the seed,
he sent his son and his messengers
and left a book to read.
the book it speaks of wisdom and things like honesty,
a ressurected savior and a new eternity.
he talked of faith and brotherhood
a kingdom straight from god.
to the world that didn't understand
he was either dangerous or odd.
his follwers wrote of miracles performed
as he walked throughout the land.
yet no one seemed to stick around
when he had to make his stand.
he bore no ill towards them
his last words to forgive
when he rose again in glory
the whole world, now, could live.
then his chosen followers were
given their sacred quest.
to take his new born light to heart
and share it with the rest.
that brings us to right now here today
let's raise our voice in praise.
in Jesus' name we have the grace,
to mend our errant ways.
attitude and preception
what we think and see.
with all the stuff going on all round
it's such a mystery.