Another Day in the Park

Tuesday, May 18, 1999

Another wonderful day in the park, got to the signs a little late today and things were already on. Concepcion had already been told about her little hand-held signs and had them tucked neatly away. The officer that always has to say something to her was on and was being vigilant about protecting tourist's from being traumatized by too much exposure to peaceful propaganda.

That aside, the Lord let me know it was going to be a wonderful day. Next thing i knew a whole bunch of folks with W.W.J.D? ID necklaces were around me, after passing out several fliers they were heading back towards their bus, when i spotted one that had W.W.J.D. i ask if he was the leader since his did not pose a question.

He then said it meant WHAT WOULD JESUS DO?, but i relented that his did not pose a question and reasoned that it could stand for WALK WITH JESUS DAILY as it did not have a question mark attached.

He gave me a rather strange look but agreed that it could be interpreted either way, and with blessings was on his way.

As they left, a young lady who often stops by on her way through, stopped and we kicked a little scripture and how it effects our lives in different ways. We praised the Lord and marveled at how he was working in each of our lives and how wonderful life becomes after you have established a personal relationship with him.

Then a group of kids from Ohio hit and seemed really concerned about some of the issues, as i was talking Preacher Perry stopped by and passed out a few tracts telling folks about the Lord. After the kids moved on i thanked the chaperones for allowing the kids time to talk as not all groups are so understanding.

Some chaperones even go as far as to position themselves between us and the students as to prevent them from being influenced by some dready-looking hippie. i think some folks need to seriously re-evaluate who the enemy is, you can't suppress the truth, and only make yourself look bad when the kids finally find out. In this information age one has to be aware of what one's options are and how they will successfully interact with the world around.

Later a group of Russian tourists' stopped for photo's, "protesting" in front of the White House and to express concern for the devastating nature of the WAR in Kosovo. The lives of the civilians on all sides far outweigh the inability of our so-called "leaders" to even consider any kind of peaceful solutions to this crisis.

As long as bombs are being dropped, diplomacy turns into a power game in which "nobody" ever wins. Civilian victims, refugees, taxpayers that work hard to pay taxes that build the bombs the next wave of Veterans will have to live with, all in the name of freedom and liberty that seems be arbitrary at best.

Which thought, brings us to, 'skipping dinner and a couple of other awesome folks', the 7:25 PM Closure of the park. Starting about 7:15 the park police started to notify people on the side walk to move towards the center of the park due to the expected arrival of the visiting King of Jordan. Who, incidentally had driven by "the signs" earlier. As people were directed from the sidewalk across the street, everyone was herded to a 'perimeter' near the jackson statue. i was told "the signs" would be safe and i could leave my stuff there.

A group of people arriving early for the candlelight vigil for the civilians killed in the Chinese Embassy bombing were setting up to the east of the statue. The Pax Christi people who had been on the White House sidewalk reestablished their position, with their banner, in front of the statue so they could still be seen from across the street. We were then moved east of the statue, the west side already off limits due to the king's visit, for further 'security' measures. About 8:00 PM the king's motorcade came down the street, entering from the 17th Street end of the plaza, and pulled into the White House. No one else came in, on one came thru the area, except people in uniform. Shortly thereafter the park was reopened and things were back to normal.

The power play being initiated by our government is to me very disturbing. The constant abuse of power by the authorities in the park area is way out of hand, much like the "war" being waged in the Balkans. The rights of the American public are being abused in much the same way as the human rights of the civilian population of Yugoslavia. Neither "war" in Iraq or Yugoslavia has protected one single person and the American public continues to foot the bill. The innocents that are made to suffer for some misbegotten view of patriotism is way to expensive.

Not that i am unappalled at the acts of cruelty of the leaders of these afore mentioned countries, but as the Lord said, "Let he who is without sin, cast the first stone." Only when we are feeding, housing, educating or otherwise taking care of our own problems, can we expect to help anyone else, let alone tell them how to run their own country.

If the example being displayed by the combined forces at play in Yugoslavia, is an indication of how well our high-tech, modern military operates, then the kids coming out of our schools that can't read or write, are being ripped-off by a system that finds stockpiling weapons as a higher form of security. Surely being treated as the next expendable generation by a people so blatantly blind and apathetic to inept leadership, would unsettle any free thinking, aware human.

Fortunately there is hope, and it is happening all over the world. Getting a chance to meet people from all over, talking to them and finding out that the differences that we are trained to fear aren't relevant to anything. Eliminating fear from our lives and others is a giant step to turning this mess around.

My victory against all the human short-comings was won for me almost 2,000 years ago. Faith in that act of love, allowed me to walk over 6,000 miles in just two years. The people the Lord provided along the way and all the other appointments were amazing.

All i can say is "much praises for the most high."

Believe folks, we are much better people than what we being confused by. Today's youth have a potential unlike any other time recorded.

Empower them, nurture them, trust what you know is right and live it. We only get one chance, together we can succeed. Let's put the hate and mistrust away and seize the opportunity to create a better tomorrow.

This is America, we have the technology, we can do these things. There's no better time than NOW to "GIVE PEACE A CHANCE."

Anyway, that's just another day in the park.