U.S.A. Navy bombs Puerto Rico's shores,
killing people and the environment

Mon, 26 April 1999

To whom it may concern:

For the past forty years the US Navy has been conducting mortal target practice with live amo on the small island of Vieques, to the east of Puerto Rico. We, the Puertoricans, as well as the people of our little island, have been denouncing to the world the atrocities of this deadly practice. But as our shouts are lost in the inmensity of our blue skies, Navy planes continue to bomb and pollute our beaches.

Vieques is hell. Not only the people of Vieques live in a perpetual war zone, but also in an extermination camp. This is because of the highest incidence of cancer caused by the bombings.

Last Monday a Puerto Rican civilian lost his life in one of Navy's deadly war games. Four other people were wounded. Navy officials only responded with a "we're sorry". But been sorry is not enough! We demand a true explanation, as well as the withdrawal of the Navy from our beaches.

Our people can not stand one more minute of ecological and human destruction (50% unemployment, fear for living in the island).

That is why I, Marcos Perez Ramirez, a common citizen and a university professor, call on Mother Earth to join our efforts. I'm deeply concerned that Mother Earth is not involved in our struggle. Our barrier reefs, our marine life and our lives call for action. FUERA LA MARINA DE VIEQUES!

Please let me know who can I contact. You can email me atzaoco@hotmail.com (or, if that fails, alperez@prtc.net)

sincerely, marcos perez ramirez