Fast for Vieques

June 18, 2000

Dear Mr. President:

Saludos. As you are well aware, I have been fasting in front of your house since Wendesday morning but my fast actually started on Monday at night. All we are asking for is that you agree to meet with the Vieques community leaders, something you have declined to do ever since they requested it on December 21, 1999. Later, on February 29, 2000 the religious leaders in Puerto Rico asked you to meet with them. You did not even respond. You have suggested that Jeffrey Farrow meet with them, but they do not want to meet with him because all he does is distort reality. You should have the kindness and courtesy to listen to how Viequenses feel about the military exercises on their island for the past 60 years. We believe you do not have the necessary facts to make a sound decision with regard to Vieques. I will be in front of the White House (I'm accessing the Internet from the Kinko's on 15th St. and K St.) until you agree to meet with them or I have to be taken to the hospital. You decide.

Several congresspeople as well as senators and representatives from Puerto Rico have written letters of support making you responsible for anything that might happen to me simply because you refuse to concede to this meeting, a simple request. Please, let us talk about when to have said meeting.

Willing to die but not to kill,
Hector Rosario


Press Conference Announcement re
June 14, 2000, 12:00 Noon at Lafayette Park

Vieques Libre, on behalf of the Committee for the Rescue and Development of Vieques and the Coordinadora de Justicia y Paz, calls for a Press Conference on Wednesday, June 14, 2000 in front of the White House at 12:00 noon. Hector Rosario and other Vieques supporters will have begun a water-only fast at that site demanding that President Clinton meet with the leaders of the Committee and the Coordinadora. The President must give us a specific and place for said meeting. We clarify that the Vieques leaders have been asking for such a meeting for months but Clinton has declined to meet with them. It is imperative that the voice of the people of Vieques be heard before implementing any irectives or plans. We urge First Lady Hillary Clinton and Vice-President Gore to encourage the President to affirmatively respond to our plea and to personally visit the camp in front of the White House.

Rev. Roy Bourgeois from SOA Watch says, "Hector, know that your fast will bear fruit and give us hope as we work for peace and justice".

Vieques Libre


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