Francisco Morazan

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Miami Fl. April 19, 1998

Dear North American Congress Members:

Our Integrated Honduran Organization, Francisco Morazan, a pioneer in defending the rights of more than 90,000 undocumented Honduran nationals, settled in the United States; and representing seven million Honduran fellow country people, located in Honduras, the heart of Central America, a little nation, loyal and unconditional friend of the United States since the beginning of this century.

Our Organization is today with all respect and clemency, knocking the doors to this Legislative Power to receive your support to the Bills HR 3231, and HR 3553; which will benefit a whole nation and with urgency could stop the deportations, while both Bills are being discussed.

The I.N.S. has deported more than 5,000 Hondurans, treating them unfairly. Therefore, contradicting the declaration, the US. President Mr. Clinton, expressed the past May in Costa Rica, when he promised to the whole region, no more deportations in masses.

The negotiations of Trent Lott, Carrie Meek, Bob Livingston, Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, Lincoln Diaz-Balart, Luis Gutierrez, have not had echo with the letter the President Clinton sent to us on April 3, 1998, where he expressed that he couldn't stop the deportations because Honduras does not have sufficient arguments.

It is of public knowledge, even of world-wide Level, the role Honduras played at the end of the Cold War, when the Communism had kneeled down a whole Central American region. We can provide any type of documentation to support this matter; but we believe that the Department of State, has all this documentation And also many Congress members are aware of what Honduras has meant in historic context to the United States, in maintaining a world-wide democracy.

Since the 30's decade, Honduras opened its doors to the North American Bananas Companies, who have contributed to the development of both countries. Also, we were allies to the US in the World War II.

The CIA trained Central American troops to stop the advance of the International Communism in Honduran grounds, a scourge, that killed more people in the World than the two World Wars. Palmerola, a military base, is witness of the previous said. This military base is still in full functioning in Comayagua, Honduras.