A home for the NPT Peace Crane!!

Dear Friends,

Thanks for all the great responses about a home for our NPT sculpture of a Peace Crane for which nearly a thousand of you supplied names of downwinders, Hibakusha, indigenous people, and other victims of the nuclear age. Thanks to Ellen Thomas in Washington, DC the bird is now safely ensconced and on display at the Josephine Butler Arts Center in Washington DC. Below is a message from Ellen about the Center. Regards, Alice Slater

>>The Josephine Butler Arts Center is at 2437 15th Street NW, Washington, DC -- a recently-renovated-by-activists mansion which was formerly an embassy, vacant for a long time and run down, but now nearly back to its original elegance (the first floor completed, other floors still in the works). It was obtained and named in memory of a wonderful woman, close friend of Paul Robeson, human rights activist, co-founder of D.C. Home Rule, and all-embracing networker who brought all sorts of people together who never would have met otherwise. She was a staunch advocate of Proposition One (HR-2545), collecting signatures and making speeches during the initiative campaign, putting it on the platform of the D.C. Statehood Party. Shortly before she became terminally ill, she was pressing me to help arrange a BIG peace convention in D.C. (you can see the outline at http://prop1.org/gpond/gpond.htm).>>

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