Palestinian Hunger Strikers - October 2000


Here is a message from the Hunger Strikers at Lafayette Park in Front of the White House. Your support is needed so they can continue their fasting with the highest moral possible.

In solidarity,
Nabil Mohamad

>From Baha Al-Abed:

As the night comes early here, we had a nice group of young Palestinian and Arab women and men who are active in the local community. Some are members of American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC), and some of other groups as well as some individual efforts. We had about 25 or 30 people with whom we had some fun. We sang along with some good playing and even did some Debka. That was a good warm up. One thing very important to mention is that a lady from Albania called us from New York today. She expressed her great support to us and told us that for new work arrangement she couldn't join us. Yet, she started her own hunger strike in New York and will continue as long as we are.

We are debating now if it is possible to continue this strike as long as our people in Palestine continue to be killed and injured on a daily basis. We were visited by two Jewish American ladies on separate occasions. They expressed their support and one even suggested if we can organize a strike with some Jewish persons to protest the killings of Palestinians and the Israeli brutality.

History of Lafayette (Peace) Park