DC-UN-2K October Surprise 2000

From: "David Crockett Williams" <gear2000@lightspeed.net>

Please help create a network to bring the "Truth to Light" in Washington DC during events there October 6-12th by forwarding this post to your contacts.

This year there is an abundance of frustration among progressive issue activists trying to bring critical survival issue messages to the attention of the public and political candidates to influence this year's elections.

This frustration has manifest in multi-issue demonstrations like in Seattle and the the upcoming plans for events in Philadelphia during the Republican National Convention late this month and in Los Angeles during the Democratic National Convention in mid-August.

With the media following the "Party line" rhetoric and distortion of the real underlying progressive messages, with insufficient faith that the mission will be accomplished in Philly and LA, increasing numbers of serious activists are planning to come to Washington DC for what could become "The Mother of All Demonstrations" to directly lobby appropriate government agencies and join the final leg of Global Peace Walk 2000 from San Francisco for its events in DC and the walk to carry the "Message of Peace" on to the United Nations for its 55th anniversary October 24th to help inaugurate the UN Year and Decade of "Creating a Culture of Peace for the 21st Century" and to mark the mid-point of the UN Decade of the World's Indigenous Peoples 1995-2004.

The United Nations was created in 1945 for the purported purpose of removing the scourge of war from the future generations but today the UN is involved more and more as an armed participant in conflicts around the world, some oppressive UN policies are combining with increasingly oppressive US laws and are fostering civil unrest and war and violence around the world, especially as related to drugs, crime, and corruption -- even of government officials to highest levels.

The UN Charter was signed in San Francisco in June 1945 prohibiting weapons of mass destruction, yet on July 16th the first atomic bomb was tested by the US and then these bombs were used on Japan, August 6 & 9, before the UN Charter was ratified on October 24th with the nations in fear of the still threatened repeated use of nuclear weapons.

The solutions to the many various problems associated with this point in history are all rooted in the same remedy, we must bring the truth to the general public about what is really happening behind the veil of the corporate profit-mongering-at-all-costs-business-as-usual dominated US policies.

We need to correct the ethics and moral values of America in order to really lead the world to peace and to solve critical social and environmental problems before it is too late to save all life on Earth from otherwise catastophic failure of sustainable environmental systems. We desperately need "Global Peace Now!" in order to redirect human and financial resources away from war and the preparations for war and towards remedying critical social and environmental problems.

We need to take immediate action to prevent the "next Vietnam War" that is predicted to begin perhaps as soon as this year in Colombia with increasing American troop levels. (per advice http://www.copvcia.com)

This is the goal of DC2K and UN2K actions this fall during the last few weeks before the national elections.

To unite all survival issues in this mission to correct the ethics of America, Global Peace Walk 2000 has been walking across America since the January 15th birthday of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., to help manifest "The Dream" of all humanity living in peace and harmony -- by calling on all people to recognize that the first tangible necessary step is for all of humanity to embrace the great cry to the heavens of "Global Peace Now!" as a universal human resolve.

To this end the walk has collected numerous letters and messages of support
along the way -- and also during its initiating route from the UN to San
Francisco in 1995 -- including proclamations of support from numerous city
mayors, State governors, peace, justice and environment groups, etc.

In his letter of support for the Global Peace Walk project, US political prisoner and American Indian Movement spiritual leader Leonard Peltier urges everyone to understand that -- "Global Peace Now is critical to the survival of the human race. Collectively, we have been apathetic to the state of our neighbors and the deteriorating condition of our Earth Mother for too long. Global Peace Now is not just an invitation, it is a great cry for us to open our eyes and ears, to use our heads and hands and create the kinds of change that will save the planet and all who live and breathe upon Her."

Among the many peoples who have experienced oppression from the policies of governments who ingore the values and mechanisms of traditional cultures of peace and instead, via dictatorial attitudes supported by sham democracies, create rules and regulations -- primarily to support big-business interests -- and then enforce these policies by violence and the threat of violence and imprisonment, perhaps none have suffered more as a people than the indigenous peoples whose extermination of perhaps 20 million people in America alone was the precedent quoted by Adolph Hitler as the inspiration for his "final solution" pograms against peoples seen as obstacles to his objectives.

At the same time the spiritual understandings of historically successful traditional cultures of peace all around the globe have been ignored by militaristic societies holding to the "money-as-power 'ethic' ".

One teacher of the traditional buddhist culture of peace has initiated the Global Peace Walk project to bring attention of the American public to the value of the overlooked heritage of America available in the spiritual leadership of her indigenous peoples' messages and little known traditional cultures of peace. This walk is carrying on the legacy of the principles of nonviolence employed by Mahatma Gandhi and his spiritual teacher or "Guruji", Nichidatsu Fujii, who initiated the World Peace March to the United Nations in 1982 that ended with a million people gathering in Central Park in support of the UN Second Special Session on Disarmament. Before he died in 1985 at the age of 100, Nichidatsu, Gandhi's teacher, left the message that "in order for the global peace movement to succeed, we must give lead to the knowledgeable teachers of the traditional cultures of peace such as those of the American Indian peoples".

It is hoped that, with your help, the final leg of Global Peace Walk 2000 from Washington DC to the United Nations will exceed the participation of this 1982 peacewalk by gathering over a million people for a "Millennial Peace Ceremony" on October 9th to rededicate the Washington Monument as a Symbol of The Message of Peace with the participation of activists and strong political leaders in recognition of the message of the elders of the American Indians' Longest Walk from San Francisco to Washington DC in 1978 that "Spirituality is the Highest Form of Politics". Help is also needed for logistical arrangements such as a base camp in Greenbelt Park near DC where the Longest Walk camped in 1978 as did the Long Walk for Survival, in 1980.

Monday, October 9th is the (208th year) Columbus Day Holiday and, according to the Smithsonian Institute, the observed 1000 year anniversary of the Vikings coming to America -- as well as the 60th birthday of John Lennon. DC events will begin on Friday October 6th with the walk arriving at Malcolm X Park, followed on Saturday October 7th with the walk from there about three miles to the White House for a globally coordinated rally uniting all survival issue messages to stop the increasing arms race into Spae Based
Weapons and to join the 19year ongoing Anti-Nuclear Peace Park Vigil there by our DC coordinators, the people who have been able to introduce to Congress the Nuclear Disarmament and Economic Conversion Act of 1999 (HR 2545) http://www.prop1.org , followed by a "21st Century Culture of Peace Gathering/Ceremony" on Sunday October 8th at the "Jefferson Stone" which is at the geographic center of the White House - Capitol - Lincoln/Jefferson Monuments complex and which was the originally planned site for theWashington Monument, followed by October 9th at the Washington Monument, followed by October 10-11 direct overtures at various government agency offices, and ending with October 12th traditional Indigenous Peoples Day and original Columbus Day anniversary ceremony. The walk will depart DC towards the UN on Friday October 13th.

Activists and issue group organizations are encouraged to create coordinated events October 13-14 on various dates along the route through major cities between DC and NYC. The walk is now in Missouri approaching Columbia.

Some of us involved with the Global Peace Walk have been involved for a couple of decades in networking with indigenous spiritual leaders and need help bringing some of them to Washington DC and the United Nations. We worked for many years with the late Hopi interpreter Thomas Banyacya who asked the walk to carry his messages including his admonition that "We should forget about that we are people of different religions, cultures, nationalities, races, and so on. We should put that aside! We should recognize that we are all just Human Beings living together on this Mother Earth!"

Survival issues so far that the walk has been carrying across the country include abolition of nuclear weapons-power-mining-wastes, envrionmental crisis, new-energy technologies, relegalization of medical cannabis and industrial hemp, indigenous peoples rights and clemency for Leonard Peltier, Big Mountain Relocation, social injustice, alternative healing/medicine, sustainable environment global economy, and many others.

Of course we need financial support from those who can afford to offer it and for those who cannot (including myself as a full-time unpaid volunteer activist) I have recently applied my previous business experience and contracted with two large national legal and accounting network organizations to offer a home-based business plan system for activists and friends to also earn significant part-time incomes with which they may help support their projects and families. For those who read this that are now working and paying normal income taxes, the program we now have available (approved by the IRS) reduces monthly income taxes, usually by several hundred dollars a month. If you are interested in more details, email me or phone me at 661-822-3309.

Please help in any way you can to pass the word and make these activities successful as this is a critical time in history to take effective actions before Elections2000.

If you want to collaborate on DC-UN-2K October Surprise 2000 planning, please join the Global Peace Walk 2000 coordination list at http://www.egroup.com/group/global-peace-walk where updates and info offerings are being more regularly posted. See archived messages on that site for most comprehensive record of walk progress to date.


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