Come down to the Nevada Test Site
for Mother's Day 2000!
May 12 - 15, 2000

Mother's Day Proclamation 1870 | Shundahai Network

I'm inviting you all to come down to the Nevada Test Site for Mother's Day and have your voices heard, we all have concerns for the younger generation; so they can continue their life. The people are the backbone of the government. We should be dictating to the leaders instead of the government dictating to us how they are going to shorten our life.

So let's unite ourselves together and save something for the future. Come for sure for Mother's Day and stay as long as you can and we will all be together. That way, we'll have a cleaner life and enjoy our life for the younger generations. Let's talk together. So come and bring your stuff; your bedroll, your food and the water you survive on. As a person, I really appreciate you people.

Corbin Harney,
Western Shoshone Spiritual Leader

We are contacting you to ask for your support for the 2000 Mother's Day Gathering at the Nevada Test Site. If you want to lend your name this year, then contact us immediately. We are especially looking for active co-sponsors and supporters to co-host this years gathering alongside the Western Shoshone National Council, The Dougherty Foundation, Shundahai Network, Seeds of Peace, Nevada Desert Experience, and PooHaBah.

Co-sponsor ($500 or equivalent in donations)
Supporter (small donations of any kind)
Endorser (lend name only)

These are some other things you can do now.

* Publicize this event in your literature or local calendars.
* Organize a carload, van load, or busload to come and participate.
* If you can't come, organize a solidarity event.
* Make banners to bring or send.
* Link your website to

The Nuclear Industry is still doing its best to contaminate all life on this planet, and we are out to stop them. All over the world there are people dying from radiation contamination that is a direct result from Businesses and Governments disregard for our safety and lives. People need to come together to discuss and take action against these atrocities.

The purpose of this years gathering is to:

* Honor Our Mother Earth
* Support Environmental Justice on Western Shoshone Lands
* Support, Host, & Welcome WSNC Spirit Walk that will encircle the test site
* Honor & Support Youthful Wisdom
* Occupy & Pray for the land
* Learn from Speakers & Trainers
* Take Action to STOP Nuclear Testing, Weapons, Waste, & Power

For those of you who may not have heard: the Western Shoshone National Council will be conducting a Spiritual Walk to this years Mother's Day Gathering. The walk will begin in Warm Springs on the 7th and circle the test site from two directions. Johnnie L. Bobb is the main organizer of the walk.

Gathering Schedule

May 12 (Friday)
Gathering Begins, Nonviolence and Peacekeeper trainings.

May 13 (Saturday)
Western Shoshone Spirit Walk arrives. Celebration of Life - Music and speakers from our communities.

May 14 (Sunday)
Mother's Day Brunch, Rally and Direct Action.

May 15-???? (Monday-????)

OCCUPY AND RESIST Nevada Nuclear Test Site.

Be prepared for desert camping, hot days and cool nights. Bring plenty of drinking water, snacks and friends. Meals and local potable water will be provided, donations gladly accepted to help cover costs.

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